15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

amazing woodworking

14. Step Up Your Office Game

wooden desk

There are 3 words to describe this desk set: it is floating! Okay, well in all seriousness, it’s actually sturdily attached to a wall but the imagery of a strong office desk looking like its’ appearing out of nowhere and simply floating in the air is way too cool! Besides being technically interesting example of fine woodworking, its’ overall smooth shape is so perfect it will hurt your eyes.

If you are handy woodworker, making similar desks and chairs is not that complicated at all. The key to keep in mind is giving all the details as much depth and roundness as possible, to the point where it will look almost ridiculous. That’s when you know you have hit the spot! It is sure though that having this setup in your office space will make you want to step up your work – almost like your too-cool-to-be-true desk is motivating you to get even better results.

15. Don’t Take This Tricycle For A Ride

wooden bicycle flower pot

It is all about the details! This little wooden tricycle is so cute you almost wish you could really ride it. Well, it’s time to make your herbs and plants feel nice with this wooden flower pot. We are giving this simple project creativity credits as usually when you think of a flower pot, you won’t imagine anything else besides a traditional round pot. However, this woodworking project proves a dash of creativity and some leftover wood will make a fine garden detail.

There is also a good news – you can make this garden decoration yourself without even having to go through much trouble – it’s a nice woodworking project for beginners as well. It doesn’t have to be with fancy finishes; in fact the rougher the better as it will give a bit of a homey feeling to it. Sometimes it pays to leave some details unfinished – perhaps just cover it with a bit of a transparent wood stain and that’s it.