15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

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Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

Woodworking is not simply a practical (and a fun) hobby, it is a form of modern art, combining practicality with the quirkiest over-the-top designs. I bet none of the woodworking projects in this list are something that have come to your mind. A chair can be so much more than just a wooden chair and you wouldn’t even imagine what a fine art piece a simple table can be …

Well, it’s time to believe it as this list contains some of the most mesmerizing woodworking creations that you could find! Check out these crazy woodworking projects that are jedi-level awesome! Take these as a motivation next time you are creating something cool of wood yourself – who knows, it might just end up in this list.

1. Hear Me Roar!

wooden shelf

Bring a bit of a jungle heart to your home, showcasing your books on a stylish lion-shaped wooden shelf. The level of detail with this one is crazy yet at the same time it’s practical and has so many different compartments you could easily lose your keys forever. A woodworking project like this combines excellent craftsmanship with high-quality engineering and planning. This is not a shelf you can do overnight and you can bet it’s a project for a skilled woodworker – a hammer and some nails will not do here.

The cool thing is, a similar design approach has been used for making all kinds of different jungle animals and why not get inspired by this and make your own little lion king! The key to success with this one is balancing the details and distributing the weight so it could carry heavy books with ease as well. Pay attention to securing the shelf with sturdy fastenings.