15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

amazing woodworking

12. Snow White Approves This Birdhouse

wooden birdhouse

It never hurts to have a dwarf in your garden! Believe it or not, this is not just a funny wooden sculpture of Grumpy The Dwarf, it’s actually a birdhouse! While most of us are used to with good old four-walls-and-a-roof kind of a wooden birdhouse, this one is like the Hilton Hotel of birdhouses.

The level of detail is beyond what you could expect – this is a fine example of how powerful woodworking can be. It all starts from small things like picking out the material for the woodworking project – here, the materials are chosen very carefully to bring out the shadows and highlights of the beard and the hat part, all thanks to the wood grain direction! It’s not always just about carving, it all starts from making those tiny decisions.

13. Groovy Wooden Chair

wooden chair

This chair has its’ groove on more heavily than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Its’ streamlined shape with twists and turns has a seriously out-of-the-box kind of a design which at the same time stuns you with its’ simplicity and mesmerizes you since you can’t wrap your head around the thought of someone actually carving such an awesome and futuristic item out of a simple piece of wood! I bet the woodworker who made this is as groovy as his wooden chair project!

One thing is for sure – it’s not a woodworking project for beginners (even more experienced hand would be left in trouble) but the time and efforts put into making this artsy chair are well worth it. Perhaps this is the type of chair to go for with your next woodworking project? It would surely look stunning in your living room!