These Woodworking Projects Will Take You From Zero To Hero

woodworking cup holder

It’s time to start with some woodworking projects! If you have no experience what so ever, don’t worry as there are plenty of simple creations you can make without needing heavy artillery and some advanced techniques. Sometimes all you need is a bit of glue and a few nails!

To help you out we have compiled a list of 15 best and easiest woodworking projects you can start when you are a beginner. All of these projects combine two important aspects: simplicity and creativity. The best things in life are the simplest and these projects prove that point to be true. So, grab your hammer and let’s get to work!

1. Make Your Own Wooden Clock

wooden clock

If you have checked our list for the 15 most amazing woodworking ideas, you might remember the over-the-top detailed clock. This simple clock gives even complex designs a nice competition as its’ so minimalistic and rustic it looks simply awesome. The highlight of the clock is the well-chosen darker wood which compliments black clock hands marvelously.

The beauty of making this clock lies in having to use only 11 pieces of wood, 2 of which are meant for support. All you need to do is cut and polish the pieces so they fit together nicely. It’s easily a project you can finish within 1 day – all you need is a bit of wood, glue and ready-made clockwork.

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