15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

amazing woodworking

4. Your iPhone’s Loyal Stallion

wooden iphone standwooden iphone stand

This is literally the cutest thing ever but it’s not simply adorable decoration but a very practical gadget supporting your phone – in fact, this is the kind of a phone stand I’d imagine every woodworker has beside his workbench!  This tiny wooden phone stand has a sturdy bottom and a nice gap allowing to hold your iPhone steadily. Imagine, you no longer need to search for hours to find your phone – it’s right there hanging out with that lovely wooden stud.

It’s yet another example of simplicity infused with creativity. The shape of the horse is not very complicated and after a while of experimenting, you could definitely make this yourself by using different chiseling tools. The biggest obstacle is the tiny size which will require special attention but other than that it’s a relatively easy project if you have the right woodworking tools handy.  Try it out yourself!

5. Coffee Table Inspired By Swiss Cheese

woodwork table

This is the type of a table that will make you wonder if the woodworker just got leftover wood or he just didn’t have more material. Well, my friends, this is what fine wooden art looks like! At the same time it is pretty practical as well as the face of the table is covered and therefore you won’t need to worry about your cup falling through the table.

What makes this varnished table especially unique is the interesting coffee-cream coloring – the light middle part is a real eye-catcher while the traditional darker wood is there for decent support. Though it looks really quirky, at the same time it’s surprisingly modest and fits well to any living room! One way to approach this idea is to use an old table and attach some carved out branch-like pieces to the vintage table. The main part not to forget is the face of the table which will definitely need heavy finishing work. Get your sandpaper and wood varnish ready!