15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

amazing woodworking

6. Heart-Stopping Wooden Lamps

wooden lamp

I have to be honest with you, these lamps are my favorite in the list. Excellent geometry, outstanding engineering and overall brilliant carving work is the best example of woodworking project gone right. Soft light shining on the natural wood gives a cozy romantic feeling, not to even mention the heart-shaped carving. These lamps are simply brilliant!

The same layered woodworking technique could easily be used for any other shape so once you nail the technique you can call yourself a woodworking master! You’ll get the coolest result when using lighter wood with natural texture so don’t bother using colored varnish – it will be a real heart-stopper simply thanks to the unique carving, therefore I’d recommend to use a simple transparent glossy wood varnish which will let the light shine brightly.

7. Sit Back And Relax

wooden chair

Designs like these prove that wood has a strong place on art exhibitions. This lounge looks like it’s straight from an exhibition! Its’ soft curvy shape is at the same time both brilliant and very simple, though there’s nothing simple about making a similar wooden lounge. The inner carvings add a bit of quirkiness (and of course allow your cat to have another hiding spot) but it is clear this is made by the hands of an experienced woodworker.

You could be wondering right now if a wooden lounge like this could really be comfortable. Well, the trick here is the smooth shape which is carved exactly according to your back, supporting it in the best possible way. In contrary to soft couches, this one doesn’t bend or change its’ shape, therefore you can really let your body relax.