15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

amazing woodworking

10. Your Cat Won’t Need A Cardboard Box Anymore

wooden pet house

Don’t forget your pets either, wood is the best material to use for creating a comfy bed for your furry little four-legged friend. This tiny cat bed is created using similar woodworking technique as the wooden heart-shaped lamps in this list so you can see how versatile that technique can be. I am sure your cat will take this to be his new favorite box but this time it’s a simple wooden box instead of a plastic bag or a cardboard one.

Pay attention to the details – all carvings here are not the same size. To create a curvy look, the first oval triangles are a little smaller while the middle ones are all of the same size. Another recognizable feature is the tile with legs – see how it’s made in one piece, instead of adding the legs there later. That’s what I call woodworking in its’ finest!

11. Carved Into Time

wooden clock

The devil is really in the detail! This clock is beyond amazing – just imagine the hours the woodworker spent to make this unique piece … There are so many incredibly tiny details it gives a fine example for not only woodworkers but to clockmakers as well. The coolest part? It’s not just a fancy woodworking project, it’s an actual working wooden clock.

This is easily the greatest and most detailed project you could ever make – just look at those fine carvings, each of them complimenting the others. The supporting stand is not just a simple piece of wood either if to check the curvy carving on the side. Every single centimeter of this creation is done with extreme precision. Woodworking projects like these will make you want to dedicate more time into learning woodworking techniques!