15 Most Amazing Woodworking Projects

amazing woodworking

2. Edgiest Wooden Dresser In The World

woodwork shelf

To be honest, this little wooden cabinet reminds me more of a small fairy tale woodland creature than an actual drawer but the fun part is: while it looks creepily awesome, it’s practical and spacious thanks to wide drawers and nice flat surface. The characteristic standing out the most is the natural look of it due to the natural varnishing and carved trunk-shaped sides. I can almost imagine it growing leaves and branches….

If you’d like to replicate this idea easily, the easiest approach would be to take a strong tree trunk and do some heavy chiseling and carving! Though this particular cabinet is pretty big, you can always make some tiny ones, perhaps even color your bedroom wall green and it will always feel as if you stepped into a fairy tale forest!

3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

woodworking mirror

…who’s the best woodworker of them all? Apparently the one who made this uber cool mirror frame! This design is not about complex woodworking techniques but rather about the creative approach it has – the frame consists of tiny wooden cross section pieces, all arranged to a perfect circle. Simplicity really is the winner sometimes!

The best part about this design is its’ DIY nature – any beginner woodworker can replicate the same mirror very easily. In fact, perhaps you have small, left-over branches and pieces somewhere which you can arrange in a similar way. Allow your creative freedom to guide you for making an unique and eyecatching wooden wall decoration like this one. Don’t forget to use woodworking glue for attaching the wooden cross section pieces since fastenings will not work well here – even specific finishing woodworking nails and screws will look clumsy or might split the tiny pieces.