Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Best Hybrid Table Saws Reviews

Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

Thanks to new types of tech, it’s not uncommon to find hybrid tools in your hardware stores these days. You can pick up a multi-tool that can saw, screw and burn although that’s not the type of hybrid tool we’re going to discuss.

The best hybrid table saw doesn’t magically transform into a sledgehammer. They can’t help you with sheetrock, but they will be able to tear through a wide variety of materials and won’t overwhelm your workshop.

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Choosing the best hybrid table saw for you

A hybrid table saw is still just a table saw, just one that walks the line between contractor and cabinet when it comes to style. While they can come in different styles, all hybrids have an enclosed base where the motor resides.

They also have a nice price point compared to cabinet-based models which can weigh thousands of pounds and put a serious dent in your bank account.

Power and Speed

If you are purchasing a hybrid table saw, power won’t be an issue.

It will be more of a question of how much do you need, and most motors in this class are rated at around a 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 HP although there are a few exceptions. On the higher end of the scale, you’ll find saws with 3 HP motors which will certainly rip through thick stock with ease but push the boundaries in terms of size.

In a nutshell, if you are going to cut hardwood or thicker stock, the larger the motor, the better.

The other area you need to consider when it comes to power and speed deals with the outlet itself. You will want to pay close attention to the voltage as most saws in this class can run off a 110V outlet but others may require a 220V connection.

Safety Features

We’re not going to call table saws dangerous, but they are not quite as safe as other shop tools due to their design.

There are several safety features built-in, however, and two to look for would be blade guards and a riving knife. The former is self-explanatory and common at this price, so pay attention the type of guard and the quality.

With a riving knife is less common, and sits behind the blade on your table saw. It prevents kickback and is something you want if you plan on ripping a lot of stock.

You will also want to check out the power button and make sure it’s large and easy to access. Padlocks are a great idea as well, especially if you’re buying a table saw for classroom use or have children in your home.

Belt Drive

When looking for the best hybrid table saw, look for a belt drive if torque is important to you.

A belt drive system uses a belt and pulley to connect to the blade whereas direct drive motors are connected to the blade as the name implies. The advantage of a belt drive is torque and longevity. As the motor is sitting further away from the blade, it’s less prone to catch dust and other particles from the blade.

On the downside, this style is nosier, and you’ll need to service it regularly along with replacing bands.

Dust Collection

This is one feature you’ll find on any table saw, hybrid or not. It is also something that’s very important unless you like a face full of dust and a messy work area.

Dust collection ports are a shop vac’s enemy, but your best friend if you own a table saw. Saws geared for garages generally have ports around 2 1/2” while hybrid saws are in the 4” range. If you’re going to use your saw daily, look for a machine with a large dust port.

Size and portability

Are you buying a hybrid table saw for your shop or is it something you’ll have in your garage or basement? That’s a question you should ask yourself, as hybrid table saws are larger than what you may be used to.

Even saws that leave a small overall footprint are going to be heavy. Some will weigh well over 500 pounds, so they aren’t something you’ll want to move. You can also find hybrids a little over 200 pounds, and there are even a few models with wheels so you can give them a scoot if needed.

Buying Guide

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Best hybrid table saw: Shop Fox W1819

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Our choice for the best hybrid table saw comes from Shop Fox. This one is a bit of a beast and is definitely in the Pro class thanks to a slew of features and a tremendous amount of horsepower.


The Shop Fox W1819 is a large saw. Actually, that’s an understatement. While it leaves a relatively small footprint at 67” x 46.5” x 30”, the machine tips the scales at 527 pounds. You’ll need help with this one, and you will also want to think about placement ahead of time along with a power source.

The weight comes from the quality parts which include a cast iron table that’s been precision-ground and sturdy cast iron trunnions. The base and other parts have also been powder coated for additional protection.

It’s the type of machine that will hold its value, and while it will still need maintenance, you don’t need to be concerned about the build quality on the Shop Fox W1819.

Power & Performance 

Shop Fox installed a 3 HP motor in the W1819, so it is not lacking in the power department. In fact, it could be overkill if you don’t need that much juice and also needs one special requirement.

That would be a 220V plug as this big boy will not run off a regular electrical outlet. If you don’t have a 220V outlet handy, you’ll need to hire an electrician which may rule this one out for some. If you do have the proper amount of power, you will appreciate the performance.

This saw is stable with a ripping capacity of 29 1/2” which is quite nice. There is also a variant of this saw with the same motor and basic features but a 49” ripping capacity which is top of the line. The price difference is minimal between the two models, so think about your needs and choose right the first time around.


Remember where we talked about having a good switch on your machine? Well, the Shop Fox W1819 has one as it’s magnetic with thermal overload protection built in.

It also has a polycarbonate shield and spreader to prevent pinching on the backend. Kickback won’t be an issue either considering it has anti-kickback pawls which can halt a potential disaster in its tracks.


Again, this one pushes the limits of a hybrid table saw although it is smaller than many cabinet saws and an extremely reliable machine. The obvious drawbacks would be its weight, and we felt the warranty could have been better. You only get 2-years out of the box with this one.

On the other hand, if you need a powerful machine in the pro class, you can’t go wrong with the Shop Fox W1819. It has all the features you could ask for, is durable and you can even make bevels or miter cuts thanks to the tilting blade. You can read more out it in our full review if you’re still on the fence abou the W1819.

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Mid-tier choice: LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion

[amazon fields=”B009670KLW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image=”1″ tracking_id=”woodworkboss-20” image_class=”ais450″]


The LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion table saw is a hybrid that’s a bit smaller than our top choice, but that doesn’t affect its performance in the least.

This hybrid is unique with frame-mounted trunnions. This increases stability and gives it the feel of a cabinet saw but in a smaller form factor. It has a push stick mounted on the rip fence and several other handy features including a fence with a hairline readout and wheels in case you want to relocate the machine.

You’ll be thankful for those wheels considering it weighs in at over 300 pounds shipped, so it’s not a lightweight machine. As for the tech specs, the LAGUNA Fusion has a 1 3/4 HP motor which runs off a regular 110V plug. The max rip capacity is 36,” and the table measures 20” x 27” without the extensions.


This saw has plenty of flagship features and offers up more ripping capacity than others saws in its class. We also dig those wheels and the slick cabinet which keeps the motor safe and quiet. Well, quieter than it would be in an enclosed setup.

All the standard safety features are present on the LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion as well including a quick release riving knife. It has a large 4” dust port, and the only downside would be the price which is a hurdle you may have to overcome on many models in this class.

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Budget Choice: RIDGID R4512

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Our budget-friendly option comes from RIDGID in the R4512. This is a 13-amp saw with plenty of pop and a unique guarantee that our other picks cannot offer.

The RIDGID R4512 isn’t as large as other hybrid table saws, but still hefty at over 250 pounds. It has a solid cast iron core table and a semi-enclosed base that hides a set of caster wheels. The motor is capable of hitting speeds up to 3450 RPM which should certainly get the job done for most folks.

Ripping capacity for the R4512 is listed at 30” which is par for the course in this class.

As for that unique feature, it would be the company’s Lifetime Service Agreement. That’s considerably better than a 2-year warranty and provides you with a measure of protection long after other machines have been hauled off to the scrap heap.


A great all-around option when budget is a concern, the RIDGID R4512 performs admirably and is considerably cheaper than our other options. It’s what we would consider a light-duty hybrid table saw, and we love the drop-down caster wheels.

While the price is nice, the build quality could be better. It’s not going to fall apart on you, and you get that great guarantee, but the build quality isn’t in the Pro class compared to our top two choices.

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Hybrid table saws may be smaller and more affordable than their cabinet cousins, but you still need to keep the areas we’ve mentioned in mind. You should also remember that a hybrid is just one style of saw.

You can always opt for a larger model or drop down a size to better suit your needs. More options are available in our guide to the best table saws if a hybrid isn’t your style, and the same basic buying tips apply regardless of size.

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