Best Dresser Plans

Best Dresser Plans

Best Dresser Plans

Choosing The Best Dresser Plans 2018

A dresser or also known as a chest of drawers is a necessary furniture piece in every bedroom, allowing to organize your clothes neatly and giving storage space. There comes a time when every woodworker will be thinking of building a dresser themselves and that’s the reason we’ve decided to help you out by introducing some of the finest dresser plans in this article.

If you are new to woodworking but want to build a dresser, the first thing to keep in mind is not to get too crazy and start off with some simpler plans. Though the dresser plans showcased in this article are marked as advanced it doesn’t necessarily mean a beginner wouldn’t manage – there are some plans that are a bit easier so you could begin with those.

Dressers are more detailed and have more delicate joinery, but the good news is the construction is basically always the same – in the end it really is just a chest with drawers. Once you’ve built one, it will be easy to follow all dresser plans and to build a variety of dressers. Take a weekend and tackle one of these amazing dresser plans next!

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Best Free Small Bedroom Dresser Plans

dresser plans

Dressers come in many different sizes and drawer amounts. Among those are the smaller bedroom dressers that are just big enough to storage everything you need but without being too clumsy and on the way.

That’s where these dresser plans come to play. All of these are pretty compact yet they are classic and good looking. These dressers might not be the easiest to make but one thing is for sure: no matter the plan you decide to go for, the end result is absolutely brilliant!

Top 3 Free Small Bedroom Dresser Plans

Check out these 3 dresser plans that instruct you through the process of building a bedroom dresser easily:

#1 #2 #3
dresser plansSmall Steppe Drawer Dresser dresser plans 2Modern Patchwork Dresser dresser plans 3Chest of Drawers
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These small dresser plans showcase a variety of designs which are all suitable for a bedroom. From classic to a bit more modern and quirky design, there is definitely a favorable style for every woodworker. All you need to do is to pick one of the dresser plans and get crafting!

Though different for their design, they share a common trait: these plans are meant for a more advanced woodworker. However, if you are looking to take on a challenge, then why not test your skills and build a nice chest of drawers for example.

If you are not sure yet which bedroom dresser plan to tackle, take a closer look at these woodworking plan reviews which should give you a good idea on what these plans are like.

#1 – Small Steppe Drawer Dresser

dresser plans

This dresser is one of the most classic ones thanks to the small measurements and 4 supporting legs. The plan is relatively easy but as with every dresser plan it is crucial to get the glides and fronts exactly the right size so the dresser will assemble neatly.

This plan gives you all the basic tips you need for building a dresser so you can build a quite different dresser than the one on the picture. For example, you can change the design of the handles, make the whole dresser in one color or discard the supporting legs. The choice is yours – the dresser can look exactly the way you’d like it to!

Check out the guidelines and cutting list for this drawer from HERE.

#2 – Modern Patchwork Dresser

dresser plans 2

This fun looking dresser is inspired by a West Elm patchwork dresser which actually costs over $1000! Building this dresser however shouldn’t cost more than a $100-200. Ten times cheaper and the proud feeling of having made something yourself – what could be better!

This quirky dresser can be a bit complicated since there are many details you need to think about. Measure 9 times and cut once – that’s the golden rule of building this dresser. However, if you follow the step-by-step instructions carefully, you’ll have this great dresser ready in no time.

Get the instructions for this beautiful dresser from HERE.

#3 – Chest of Drawers

dresser plans

This is one of the most classic designs you can find with its’ traditional design. The plan is meant for building a drawer 50” wide and 19” deep which means you’ll have plenty of room for organizing your laundry. $220 plus a bit for the handle hardware and you’ll have a great dresser for your bedroom.

What sets this plan apart from others is the fact this free plan is made for promoting Leukaemia treatment so the makers of the plan kindly ask you to donate to your local Leukaemia research fund. That can be your way of giving back but you’ll get a beautiful dresser plan as well. The plan itself is completely free though so you can download it anytime!

Download the free dresser plan from HERE.

Best Free 6+ Drawer Dresser Plans

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You can never have enough space so the bigger the dresser is, the better. That’s why we have put together a selection of the best dresser plans that feature dressers with 6 or more drawers. These dressers are almost royal-looking and provide you numerous storaging opportunities.

The plans for these big dressers are not the most fitting for newbies so it should be kept in mind that these plans require a more advanced skill set. However, with some woodworking experience, plywood, pocket hole screws and some basic tools like a jigsaw is all you need to be successful when crafting these dressers.

Top 3 Free 6+ Drawer Dresser Plans

Take your pick of these 3 free woodworking plans and start building a great dresser:

#1 #2 #3
dresser plansKendal Extra Wide Dresser dresser plansEmpire Dresser dresser plansMedia Storage Dresser
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

If you are looking to build a massive storaging unit with the capacity of 6-7 drawers, then these are the plans for you. Though not necessarily extremely complicated projects, these are still very big projects so in the hands of an advanced woodworker it’s not an issue while a less experienced enthusiast might get overwhelmed. However, all plans feature step-by-step guidelines so you’ll have plenty of tips and tricks to support the building process!

Take a closer look at each of these projects and download the plans so you could start crafting a great dresser!

#1 – Kendal Extra Wide Dresser

dresser plans

This dresser is not only beautiful – the design that features 7 drawers gives you massive storaging space. The construction is straightforward and rather basic, so once you’ve built the dresser, you’ll have enough knowledge to customize the plan however you’d like. The only limitation is you own imagination!

The guidelines have step-by-step 3D project diagrams that give you helpful tips to ensure you get every detail right. The truth is, there are many small details to be aware of so the guidelines are perfect when it comes to supporting the construction process. Thanks to the tips you’ll get the dresser built perfectly!

Get the guidelines for this dresser from HERE.

#2 – Empire Dresser

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It’s called Empire Dresser with a good reason – the design looks royal and absolutely marvellous! This dresser plan is probably the most complex of the bunch thanks to the delicate details that need to be cut and assembled but once you’ve nailed this project you can manage with every woodworking project!

From the link, you can find not only a downloadable plan with 3D measurement diagrams but you can see real-life photos of the making-of process. That’s an helpful asset in case you should get stuck with some steps. The diagrams and photos together make for a complete guideline set that can help you through building this royal beauty.

Craft this beautiful dresser with the help of the instructions that you can find from HERE.

#3 – Media Storage Dresser

dresser plans

This is the kind of a dresser you can see only in the stores! Now you can build this giant media storage for your home as well as there is a detailed plan featuring the complete process of making this great huge media storage dresser. What’s even greater: the plan is free!

The plan is not really complex but the main issue comes from the size – the dresser is really huge and there are many details so it’s easy to go wrong if you don’t have the right instructions. With the help of this plan, you should get the media storage ready with a week or so and you can proudly showcase this gigantic furniture piece in your living room or master bedroom!

Download the dresser plan from HERE and start crafting!