Dewalt DWE7480 Review

Dewalt DWE7480 Review

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Dewalt DWE7480 Review

Fun fact: I could bench press FOUR of the Dewalt DWE7480 at the same time…

That’s not because I’m super buff (this wife says I’m “farm strong”)… but because this portable table saw weighs only 45lbs.

Needless to say, the DWE7480 is very easy to transport.

Carry it with one hand, and set it up on any stable surface. And boom it’s ready to go, just like that.

Not only lightweight, but also very powerful and reliably precise.

In this Dewalt DWE7480 review you’ll learn how it’s an amazing combination of portability and functionality – and, you’ll understand why it won our “best portable table saw” award.


  • Reliable dust collection
  • Accurate and easy to use fence
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great ripping capacity: 24-1/2″


  • Poor stock blade.
  • Stand costs extra.

General Functionality

dwe 7480


Being from Dewalt, you can be assured of this saw’s overall quality and general usability. Portable saws are one of their specialities, and that really shines through with the DW7480.


The motors in saws of this class are honestly all very similar, and it’s not really something that you should spend too long thinking about. For the most part, they’re all capable enough to do their job and the differences are minor.

The Dewalt has a 4800 RPM, 15 amp motor. And, well, it works just like it should.

The motors in comparable table saws are very similar, and often have identical specs.


We don’t spend too long talking about blades in these guides, because frankly you’ll want to invest in a great blade that goes beyond what comes with your saw.

This is a 10 inch table saw (again, pretty standard for portable table saws), and comes with a 24-tooth carbide blade.

As with most “stock” blades, it’s nothing special. The DWE7480 (and any other table saw) can be greatly improved by adding a great blade. Definitely check out our guide to table saw blades, and consider picking one up that’s suitable for your needs.

Ripping capacity

For the size and weight of this saw, it has a really great ripping capacity at 24-1/2 inches.

Most comparable saws with a similar ripping capacity weigh 15 to 20 lbs more than the Dewalt. One saw we considered in our analysis (the Bosch GTS1031) is not only heavier, but has only an 18 inch ripping capacity… ouch.

As with most portable saws, this ripping capacity is achieved with an extendable table with fence attached. The fence, by the way, is best in class. But we’ll get to that later.

The table top itself is also great – flat and smooth. It’s not going to be as perfectly flat and smooth as cast iron tables on full size stationary saws, but for a portable saw it’s pretty excellent and does the job just fine.

Blade height and bevel adjustment

At 3-1/8 inch max 90 degree cutting depth, theh Dewalt is identical to the vast majority of comparable saw – only the Makita 2705 is better, with a 3-9/16 inch 90 degree cutting depth.

You also get the standard 0-45 degree bevel adjustment.

Being a Dewalt, both the balde height and bevel adjustment is a piece of cake. It’s easy to adjust and lock in place, and very accurate.

It’s the simple things like this that you really appreciate in the day to day use of a table saw.

Dust collection

Having poor dust collection with any sort of saw can be a real annoyance… Even worse is when a saw claims to have great dust collection, but actually only manages to catch 40 or 50% of the dust during use.

There’s always going to be some dust that gets away.. but, I’m glad to say that the Dewalt DWE7480 actually does a great job in the dust collection department.

It has a standard 2-1/4 inch dust collection port that can be hooked up to a shop vac – and it actually works well. It’ll reliably catch about 90% of the dust from cutting.

That’s about as good as can be expected from any portable table saw!

Fence and Miter Gauge

Fence and Miter Gauge


I’ve mentioned it a few times so you’ve probably guess already – but I’m pretty excited to talk about the fence on this saw.

So with that said, let’s get the miter gauge out of the way first.

Miter Gauge

The miter gauge is simple, and it just works. It’s easy to accurately set the angle you need, and it’ll securely lock in place for the duration of your cut. Easy peasy, with the usual blend of Dewalt simplicity and functionality.

And now, at last, I get to talk about the fence.


The fence on the DWE7480 is truly awesome, for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s very secure when set in place and it’s fixed to extendable rails. This means that for most of your cuts you’ll be able to just set the fence square once, and then extend the rails to set your ripping width – rather than re-adjusting the fence itself.

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re still going to want to measure at first to make sure it’s square.. this isn’t as good as the ultra-reliable fences you’d find on larger stationary saws.

But that said, this fence blows other portable table saws out of the water. With most other saws, you’re going to be measuring for squareness almost every single cut.. they’re just not as reliable as the Dewalt.

The second great thing about the Dewalts fence is the rack and pinion system.

After setting the fence to square, you can simply use turn a knob connected to the pinion to slide the rack closer to or further from the blade.

It’s very easy to get the exact width you need and combined with an already squared fence, it makes for reliably square cuts.

This is in my opinion the most accurate and easy to use fence that you’ll find on any portable saw right now.

Safety Features



In recent times there’s been a lot of regulation added around safety features on table saws in the US – and most manufacturers have come together to offer better safety features as a whole.

Dewalt of course is no different, and the DW7480 offers a riving knife and blade guard.

But again when it comes to safety features, Dewalt one-up’s the competition.

The call their riving knife and guard a “site-pro modular guarding system” – what this means, basically, is that it can be installed, removed, or adjusted without the use of tools.

This is a really nice feature, as with many other saws you’ll have to be playing with bolts or other tooled mechanisms for every adjustment.

So not only safe, but also easy to manage (which makes you more likely to actually use the safety gear, too) – that’s a win in my book.




We’re talking about portable table saws here, so this is probably the most important thing to discuss in this section.

There are many things that make the DWE7480 very portable, but the first one to mention is the weight.

Coming it at a mere 45lbs, this is one of the lightest table saws you’ll find anywhere. Some other saws in this category are 20+ lbs heavier, so once again Dewalt has done a great job in this department.

This is an easy one hand carry – not only because of the weight, but also the roll cage that’s fitted around the bottom of the frame. There’s plenty of space to easily get a good grip on it for easy carrying.

The whole saw is really neat when folded down and packed away, and there’s storage holders for the safety gear and other bits and pieces.

The last thing I want to mention on the topic of portability isn’t something that necessarily makes this saw more portable, but rather a feature that helps to improve functionality in less than ideal conditions.

What I’m talking about are the rear adjustable feet on the base of the saw. This means that even on a quite uneven surface, you should be able to adjust the feet to get a reasonably flat table saw surface.


This is primarily a benchtop table saw, and the cheapest version doesn’t come with a stand.

You can pay extra to get a stand with it though. It’ll get the job done, but might leave something to be desired when compared to the more robust stands on jobsite saws.

But it could certainly be nice to have for around the house or wherever else you plan to use this saw – especially if bench top space or some other surface won’t be readily available at all times.


Dewalt has done a brilliant job with the DWE7480. It ticks all the boxes, and outclasses comparable saws in all the areas that matter for a portable table saw.

It’s the perfect combination of quality functionality and portability, and would be a great choice for home owners, beginners, and woodworkers or other hobbyists.

It’s not only easy to use to get very precise cuts, but also very easy to store and move around. If what you need is a lightweight table saw capable of accurate cuts on standard pieces of lumber – then you’ll be very happy with the Dewalt DWE7480!

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