Best Murphy Bed Plans

Top 3 Free Murphy Bed Plans

Top 3 Free Murphy Bed Plans

Best Murphy Bed Plans

If you have come across Murphy beds then it is no wonder you might have thought “where could I find nice Murphy bed plans”. Known as the ultimate space saver, Murphy beds are a divine solution for anyone who wants to make more room in their bedroom or simply likes to have furniture nicely set.

Murphy bed or also known as a wall bed or fold down bed, was invented by a guy called William Murphy who started with his own bed business. As his apartment was small and he wanted to entertain his friends (and lady-friends) at home, he needed to come up with a solution to make more space at his apartment.

So, the Murphy bed got invented! Not only popular 100 years ago but even today, there are plenty of Murphy bed plans to choose from so you could make a stylish and practical bed yourself without breaking the bank.

Best Free Murphy Bed Plans

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Murphy bed plans usually come with a hardware kit that is necessary for assembling the bed the right way. However, you don’t need a hardware kit in order to make a Murphy bed yourself – with the right Murphy bed plans you could make it without a hardware kit.

So you wouldn’t have to spend hours searching through the wide web, we are reviewing the best Murphy bed plans that don’t need a huge budget. In fact, these Murphy beds can be made with only a budget of a $100-$150!

It should be kept in mind that even though the plans are not extremely complex, making these beds is more on the advanced side so if you have little experience in woodworking, you might hit a roadblock or two. Fortunately, the step-by-step murphy bed plans help you out so if you are looking for a challenge, this might be a good idea!

Top 3 Free Murphy Bed Plans

Take a pick of these 3 Murphy bed plans! All of these are similar for their difficulty level and necessary budget but their design is quite different – there’s a suitable design for every taste!

affordable murphy bed plansAffordable Murphy Bedmurphy bedVertical Mount Murphy Bedmurphy bed plan for a dog bedMurphy Bed For A Dog
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Murphy beds can seem a bit difficult to make yet with the help of these Murphy bed plans it shouldn’t be a struggle. Though they are labelled as more suitable for an advanced skill level, the step-by-step guides help you through it and teach a thing or two about woodworking.

If you want to make a beautiful Murphy bed but haven’t made up your mind yet, scroll a bit down to read a brief review of each and every one of these Murphy bed plans.

#1 – Affordable Murphy Bed

This Murphy bed plan is rather unique for 3 reasons: it’s very easy to build, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make the Murphy bed and you don’t need to buy a hardware kit! A budget around $100 is all it takes to build the bed.

Though Murphy beds can usually be a pain to build, the plan is extremely detailed and you can find a diagram with measurements for pretty much every step. That makes it a lot easier to craft this beautiful bed – you have a complete cut list and step-by-step instructions.

You can find this affordable and simple Murphy bed plan HERE.

#2 – Vertical Mount Murphy Bed

You were already thinking we made a mistake since this looks like a normal bookcase. Well, we didn’t – it’s actually a great looking luxurious Murphy bed!

This plan however is based on purchasing a hardware kit as well. Then again you get plenty of inspiration so if you don’t want to buy the hardware kit (which is of course tremendously helpful) you might get some ideas on how to build the bed and just acquire the hardware yourself.

Either way, you can download a Murphy bed plan for both a full sized bed and queen sized bed – step-by-step instructions and detailed cutting list with drawings is all there and it’s completely free!

This luxurious bed can be yours with the help of this great bed plan. You can get it HERE

#3 – Murphy Bed For A Dog

Who said Murphy beds are meant for only the master bedroom! Your four-legged friend also wants a taste of luxury and what would be better for that than a tiny Murphy bed.

If you are a bit more experienced in woodworking, then cutting the parts and assembling the bed is a matter of 7 hours! Delicate instructions with shopping list and cut list help you out so you could build a cute little Murphy bed for your dog without problems.

Get this cute Murphy bed plan for your dog HERE