Best Woodworking Table Plans

Best Woodworking Table Plans

Best Woodworking Table Plans

Choosing The Best Woodworking Table Plans 2018

It might seem that a table is not a very high maintenance furniture piece that needs some specific woodworking skills – four legs and a tabletop, what could go wrong there! However, without good table plans you’ll get lost sooner than you thought.

The variety of different table designs is huge – kitchen tables, coffee tables, dining tables, trestle tables, picnic tables .. and all the different design options like wide legs, round legs, high tabletop or low tabletop. Same goes for the difficulty level as you can build a table with just assembling the right sized lumber or you can craft detailed table legs with a higher complexity level.

To get you started on building a great table, we have hand-picked some of the best table plans out there. All you need to do is to pick the style you like and figure out the difficulty level and budget suitable for you. These table plans are completely free so no need to worry about extra expenses either!

Best Free Coffee Table Plans

coffee table plans

You simply can’t have a living room without a nice coffee table. However, if you have looked around the stores for finding the best fitting coffee table, you might have left disappointed since most tables don’t fit your living room design or measurements. There’s only one solution: to find a coffee table plan and build a table yourself!

Coffee table plans require a bit more advanced woodworking skills so as a beginner woodworker you might find yourself hitting a couple of roadblocks. However, no challenge is big enough so why not pick one of these free coffee table plans as your next woodworking project.

Top 3 Free Coffee Table Plans

These 3 coffee table plans are easy to follow and allow you to build a stylish coffee table! Take a look:

#1 #2 #3
coffee table plans 1Rustic X-Style Coffee Table coffee table plans 2Modern Coffee Table coffee table plans 3Stylish Mahogany Coffee Table
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

It might be hard to believe that these 3 coffee tables can be completely self-made at your home workshop but these coffee table plans show step-by-step how easy it can be. These coffee table plans are not exactly fitting for a beginner but with some woodworking skills it’s a matter of 2-3 days to finish a great coffee table project.

Check out these coffee table plans and pick the design you like the most – your new coffee table will definitely impress your guests!

#1 – Rustic X-Style Coffee Table

woodworking coffee table

This rustic farmhouse style coffee table is the easiest of the bunch but it takes a bit of experience to follow the plan. However, thanks to detailed project diagrams with measurements and cut list you’ll be able to finish building the plan in no time.

Even better, building a coffee table like this is friendly on your wallet since the table doesn’t require more than just a bit of lumber. If you have some leftover wood in your workshop, this would be a good project for using those wooden pieces!

Build this gorgeous farmhouse style coffee table with the help of THIS plan.

#2 – Modern Coffee Table

woodworking coffee table

It is hard to believe this table is not manufactured but built with fine woodworking skills yet it is – with the help of this free coffee table plan you can build it yourself. One weekend and some oak plywood is all it takes.

It should be kept in mind that this plan is more advanced so it might not be a good pick for a beginner. There is a detailed project diagram and step-by-step instructions but if you don’t have much experience in woodworking, you are likely to see some problems. Some more experience will mean it’s a nice weekend project for you!

This great coffee table can be yours with the help of the table plan that you can get from HERE.

#3 – Stylish Mahogany Coffee Table

woodworking coffee table

This coffee table looks literally like straight from a woodworking magazine. The great news is you can build this stylish table without spending a cent on a plan – this table plan is completely free!

The biggest challenge with building this table is crafting the curved legs, therefore you should treat that step cautiously. Other than that, pick your favourite wood and start building!

Building this high quality coffee table is not hard with the help of THIS plan.

Best Free Dining Table Plans

dining table plans

Now that you have gone through coffee tables for your living room it is time to head to your next important room – dining room. If you’ve ever searched for a dining table you know how hard it can be to find a nice fitting one – besides the style itself, the table must look good with the rest of the interior such as the lighting, floors or walls. That’s why woodworking is so powerful: you can build a dining table or a kitchen table that is perfect for your home!

To help you out, we have gathered the best dining table plans that will mesmerize you and will leave your guests simply saying “wow”. Even better is the fact it is not hard to follow the dining table plans so it is just a matter of few days to build a beautiful dining table. Yes, that’s right – dining tables are surprisingly easy wood projects!

Top 3 Free Dining Table Plans

Here are 3 beautiful dining table plans – take your pick and build a stylish table for your dining room!

#1 #2 #3
dining table plans 1Dining Table Set dining table plans 2Open Concept Dining Table dining table plansMidcentury-Inspired Dining Table
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These dining table plans are not only exceptionally beautiful – building a dining table with the help of these plans is also friendly on your budget since you could easily make a dining table with just a $150. Also, you can learn some tricks for crafting cool table legs without much hassle.

If you haven’t made a choice yet and started checking through cut list & shopping lists, go through our short reviews to get a better idea on which of these plans suit your need the best.

#1 – Dining Table Set

dining room plans

This rustic simple dining table set is nothing less than gorgeous! Imagine the set in your dining room and you can imagine how many wows it will get. The mix of dark and light wood makes it luxurious and shiny finish adds a smooth touch.

It is not the easiest plan to follow but if you have some experience it will be an over-the-weekend project. Besides project diagram and step-by-step instructive pictures you will find a 3D video illustrating the process.

$145 and some basic woodworking skills and you’ll be good to go with this table plan. Besides a dining table you’ll find guidelines for building the benches as well. It’s a full package!

Get the plan for the dining table and benches HERE.

#2 – Open Concept Dining Table

dining table plans

The most impressive part of this dining table is the table leg design. It looks simply awesome, doesn’t it? Crafting these cool table legs is actually far easier than you could have imagined, especially with a step-by-step guideline.

If you are looking to build a big dining table that looks like store-bought but you don’t want to spend a lot of time on figuring out the instructions, then this plan is perfect for you since you can always find help from the pictures showcasing some of the most crucial steps on the way.

Find detailed guidelines for building the dining table from HERE.

#3 – Midcentury-Inspired Dining Table

dining table plans

This modern table is so beautiful it is hard to believe it is possible to make this with only $75! There are hardly any store bought versions that could beat that. One sheet of plywood, some glue, screws and great stain and you’ll get a beautiful dining table.

It is relatively easy to build the table, but the more experience you have in woodworking, the easier it will be to build it. However, it shouldn’t be hard to build the table with less skills as well.

Don’t wait any longer and start crafting! Get the plan HERE.

Best Free Picnic Table Plans

picnic table plans

After building something great for indoors the next step is to decorate your garden as well. Summer, grilling and picnic tables go hand in hand, but surprisingly it is not that easy to find great picnic table plans.

To help you out, we are showcasing 3 of the best picnic table plans that are not only versatile for the project cost but difficulty level as well. There is a picnic table for every garden and every woodworking experience level!

The most important part you should keep in mind when building a picnic table is the wood stain. As the table will stay outdoors most of the year, it needs special care to avoid rain and other environment factors ruining your masterpiece. Other than that, picnic tables are fun and easy to build, especially when following these picnic table plans.

Top 3 Free Picnic Table Plans

From easy to complex, these picnic table plans help every woodworking enthusiast to craft a beautiful picnic set.

#1 #2 #3
picnic table plansPicnic Table For Kids picnic table plansThe Perfect Picnic Table picnic table plansPicnic Table and Benches
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These picnic tables are rather different from each other, showcasing 3 different design options you can go for – a small kiddy table, a normal sized common picnic table and a more complex trestle style picnic table with benches unattached.

To make it easier to pick the perfect one, here is a brief introduction of each of these plans. Take your pick and start crafting!

#1 – Picnic Table For Kids

picnic table

This is the perfect plan if you are a beginner woodworker and you want to build something nice for your kids. It’s not only extremely simple plan, it is affordable as well – you could build the table with only $20!

Though it is meant for kids and the size is designed for your little ones, after you’ve made one picnic table according to this plan, you’ll have plenty of experience to make a bigger one too.

For extra special touch, you can color it in fun colors and the picnic table will be the favourite play area for your children. Fun and practical – that’s the definition of a perfect woodworking table plan!

Get prepared for picnic time and build this picnic table for kids. Find the plan HERE.

#2 – The Perfect Picnic Table

picnic table

This is literally the perfect picnic table – classical, sturdy and great-looking. The top and benches are made of composite wood which is easier to clean and has proven to be more durable outdoors. However, you can pick the materials suitable for you.

Though not the most difficult table plan to follow, it is not particularly suitable for beginners either. It will take a bit of knowledge in woodworking to craft the table, but detailed step-by-step guidelines help you out with the process.

Build this picnic table with the plan you can find from HERE.

#3 – Picnic Table and Benches

picnic table and benches

This table plan is the toughest of the bunch and for a good reason – it is a BIG project. Contrary to other two, this is not a common picnic table with sitting area attached. The plan showcases both how to build the trestle style picnic table and benches as well.

It is one of the most thorough table plans showcased here but even though the cutting is not very complex, the detail level can make it pretty hard to follow so it is a woodworking project for a more experienced hand. Making this picnic set can cost around $500 and it will definitely take a couple of days to a week for completing the whole set.

Go and grab the free plan for a picnic table and benches from HERE.