15 Mindblowing Woodworking Creations

Woodworking Creations

15 Mindblowing Woodworking Creations

15 Mindblowing Woodworking Creations

No doubt wood makes for a fine furniture material but the outstanding qualities wood has means it’s good for far more than just building practical everyday items. In fact, wood is rather popular among artists and has preserved a steady spot in modern culture. It’s good for nature, easily accessible, can be rather affordable and the options for using it are endless.

Some people have gone great lengths to prove the point of wood being such an incredible material that they have spent ridiculous amount of time for creating these outstanding pieces. Not only do these show how far creativity goes, they are so amazing you will have hard time believing they are actually real! Well, believe it or not, here are 15 of the biggest, most incredible and simply mindblowing wood projects ever made.

1. Most Extraordinary Wooden Carving In The World

wooden carving

One fact sums up the greatness of this carving: it’s in The Guiness Book Of World Records! It actually took 4 years to finish and it’s over 40 feet long. And you thought carving a wooden spoon is time consuming! Even better, the whole structure is carved out of a single piece of wood which simply shows how remarkable the creation is.

If to look very closely, you can see it’s not just a random carving. There are hundreds of tiny houses and details, including over 550 tiny people. The art piece showcases the life beside a river and is nowadays called the chinese “Mona Lisa”. Well that’s something, isn’t it?