Best Bunk Bed Plans

Best Bunk Bed Plans

Best Bunk Bed Plans

Choosing The Best Bunk Bed Plans 2018

Bunk beds and loft beds are the most popular furniture choices for your children’s bedroom. They are true space savers but most importantly, they are FUN and trigger your kids’ adventurous side. Who doesn’t remember the cool adventures as a kid, pretending your bed was a pirate ship! Therefore, it is not a wonder you might be looking for awesome bunk bed plans.

Loft beds are also a great solution if you need to use up the space in your children’s bedroom as ergonomically as possible – clever design allows you to put together a bed and studyspace. The rest of the room can be used only for playing. It’s a win-win situation!

A high quality bunk bed or loft bed can cost a small fortune so it makes a perfect sense to think about building one yourself. For that reason we are reviewing the best bunk bed plans and loft bed plans that give you inspiration and step by step instructions for building a beautiful bunk bed for your children.

Best Free Bunk Bed Plans

bunk bed

Bunk beds are one of the easiest bed types to build as they don’t require much technical expertise. Then again without a solid plan and attention to detail there are 100 ways it could go wrong.

When building a bunk bed, it is adviced to start from the bottom and work your way up. Therefore, cut the top parts last to make sure they fit nicely with the rest of the bed.

The planks used don’t have to be super strong but make sure the supporting boards are steady as a rock! Same goes for the assembling – be sure the screws you are using suit the project. Thankfully, the plans we are featuring have a shopping list included so you should be fine as long as you are following the guidelines. Let’s get started!

Top 3 Free Bunk Bed Plans

These 3 projects are rather different from each other but they will surely fit your need. Take a look at all 3!

#1 #2 #3
bunk bed plansSide Street Bunk Bed simple bunk bed planLumberjack Bedroom Bunk Bed bunk bed planTwin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These bunk beds are rather similar when it comes to the design but there are some tecnical details that make these different. However, you can be sure that no matter which one of these you pick, the highest the cost can go is $400. Not too bad or what!

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, take a closer look at these bunk bed plans.

#1 – Side Street Bunk Bed

bunk bed plans

The side street bunk bed is definitely the easiest of all 3 to build and the cost is not too shabby either – depending on the materials you use, it can cost between $50-100! If you are on budget and want to build a simple yet strong bunk bed, then there is no better bunk bed plan out there.

Besides the project being affordable, the plan is instructed with detailed step-by-step guidelines that give you good tips and highlight some tricky parts, enabling you to avoid making silly mistakes. Easy to build and friendly on the budget – this is one of the best bunk bed plans you can find. Even better, the plan is completely free!

Get crafting with the plan you can find HERE

#2 – Lumberjack Bedroom Bunk Bed

bunk bed plans

Similarly to the first plan, this Lumberjack bedroom bunk bed plan can be executed with only $150. This comes mainly from the fact there is not much lumber needed nor are there any high-level details that require extra spending or time.

The plan is not a professional bunk bed plan BUT it is a detailed Sketchup project that gives you the perfect example of what you need to do. Even more, there are pictures that showcase parts of the project, allowing you to follow through the making-of this great looking bunk bed.

Build this beautiful bunk bed for your kids with the help of THIS plan. 

#3 – Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

bunk bed plans

The twin-over-twin bunk bed plan is the most complex of all three but thanks to detailed instructions it won’t be hard to follow it. However, it should be advised that it is probably not the project for a complete beginner and it requires a bit more advanced hand.

What makes this bunk bed especially clever is the fact it is actually possible to divide the bunk beds into 2 separate beds so when your children get older and possibly get their own individual bedrooms you can just divide the bunk bed and there you go – you have 2 great beds.

The bunk bed can cost around $400 which is a bit more than with the other 2 projects but the cost is well worth it if you think about the versatile use. This is the plan that can get you covered for the next 18 years!

Make this incredible twin bunk bed – get the plan HERE.

Best Free Loft Bed Plans

loft bed plans

Loft beds are pretty similar to bunk beds but with the difference of instead of having 2 beds on top of each other, there is a study space with a desk or storaging cabinets under the bed platform. This allows to use up space cleverly – the more there is room for playing!

Loft beds have come a long way in their design so you can find a variety of beautiful loft beds on stores. However, the reality is: a great looking and well-fitting loft bed can cost a lot and thinking of how quickly your child grows up (and most likely will grow out of the loft bed), it is not a reasonable decision to buy an expensive loft bed.

That’s what makes woodworking so fun: you can make a great bed that is not only beautiful but fits your child’s bedroom perfectly. Even greater, the cost of making a loft bed yourself is usually just a fraction of the price of a store-bought bed. With the help of some awesome loft bed plans you’ll be good to go!

Top 3 Free Loft Bed Plans

You don’t have to search anymore – here are the best loft bed plans that help you to build a gorgeous bed for your child!

#1 #2 #3
loft bed plansJunior Loft Bed loft bed plansSimple Loft Bed loft bed plansLoft Bed With Play Table
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

All of these 3 plans are relatively easy to build but it should be considered that they require a bit more woodworking experience. Thanks to the professional loft bed plans you can be sure building a beautiful loft bed with play table or stuy area is a matter of a couple of days!

Get crafting on one of these loft beds. If you need some thoughts for easier consideration, take a look at these short reviews.

#1 – Junior Loft Bed

loft bed plans

Though the plan has been categorized as for intermediate skill level, you shouldn’t be frightened as building this amazing loft bed is easier than you thought! The end result is simply divine and looks like straight from the store.

A loft bed like this is perfect for kids 7 and up. Thanks to the clear instructions, instructive video and detailed project diagram it will be more than simple to follow the guidelines. It’s a matter of a week or two to build your child a beautiful, fun loft bed.

Making this loft bed is not difficult with the help of this loft bed plan. Get it HERE.

#2 – Simple Loft Bed

loft bed plans

This loft bed is the easiest of the bunch as the extremely detailed instructions guide you through the process step by step. Besides just providing project diagram, you can find instructive comments that teach you tricks you might not have noticed otherwise.

Moreover, making this loft bed can cost around $100-$150 which is not even close to the ballpark of a store-bought loft bed. Easy to make and friendly on your wallet, creating this loft bed couldn’t be easier with the help of this woodworking bed plan.

Craft this easy loft bed with the help of this plan that you can find HERE.

#3 – Loft Bed With Play Table

loft bed plans

This easy bed plan is featuring a loft bed plan with lego storage and a work space, making it perfect for a growing child. The plan is going even further as besides storaging possibilities it has attached buckets for all the legos. How clever is that!

As the plan is very detailed and professionally made, you can be sure it’s not hard to follow it. A delicate engineering and attention on every tiny detail ensures the loft bed is sturdy and looks beautiful.

Get detailed instructions for building the loft bed from HERE.