Best Shed Plans

Best Shed Plans

Best Shed Plans

Choosing The Best Shed Plans 2018

The variety of different shed designs is huge so no wonder you might be feeling stuck with finding the best shed plans – especially if you’d like to find shed plans free and available for instant download. Well, don’t worry any longer since we’ve compiled together the absolute best small shed plans and garden shed plans. These premium-quality free plans are all you need for building the perfect shed for your home!

Building something yourself, especially something as big as a shed, is always rewarding, but not only will it feel good to have a self-made beauty in your backyard, it’s times lower in cost than buying a shed. In fact, building a small shed can cost as little as $100! That’s a pennysaver! And well, all proper DIY wood projects should be, ain’t that right?

So if you are looking for extra storage space for your garden then take a look at our selection of free shed plans that give you some inspiration and of course step-by-step instructions for building the perfect tool shed or garden shed.

Best Free Small Shed Plans

small shed plans

Before selecting the best shed plan, you need to have a clear vision in mind on what you’re going to use the shed for. If you are looking to build something compact that could fit your garden tools or woodworking tools, then these small shed plans are the ones to go for.

Once you’ve figured out what you need the shed for, it’s easy to go forward with planning. Keep in mind that sheds, no matter how small in their size, are not exactly the best projects for beginner woodworkers. Sheds are one of the most complex woodworking items to build. Some bigger sheds resemble houses so it’s not a surprise a shed is a project for a skillful hand.

If you have some woodworking experience under your belt, take a closer look at our magnificent selection of small shed plans.

Top 3 Free Small Shed Plans

Looking to build a nice tool shed? Take a closer look at these 3 plans:

#1 #2 #3
small shed plansStorage Shed shed plansCedar Fence Picket Storage Shed small shed plansGarden Closet Storage Shed
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These 3 shed plans showcase a variety of options you have when you are looking to build something small. All of these are just big enough to store your garden tools but without being too big and clumsy in your backyard. The compact measurements and stylish design make these sheds a great assets for every garden.

Though small in size, building these sheds can take a while so take a week for crafting the project. The cost should stay between $100-500, but of course it depends on what materials you decide to go for.

Check out these shed plans a bit closer and take your pick of the awesome small shed plans. 

#1 – Storage Shed

small shed

This mini shed has more to offer than meets the eye. The shed is built on 2×8 front and back rails which raise the shed off the ground, so the rails can also act as runners – you can easily move the shed around in case you decide you need it elsewhere.

The plan features not only a cutting list and project diagram. There are also clear instructions starting from building the base and ending with installing the windows and doing the trims. Once you’ve built a small shed like this, you’ll have enough experience to build a bigger one that fits all the garden equipment as well. A tiny shed like this though is a necessary item for every home!

Build this tiny storage shed with the help of THIS plan.

#2 – Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed

small shed plans

Can you believe that building this cedar shed costs less than $300?! Yes, you read that right – a retail price for something similar can be around $1600, so this is one heck of a good deal. Not only is it incredibly good looking and budget friendly, it’s big enough to store all your outdoor items yet it won’t get in your way thanks to the compact design.

If you are an experienced woodworker, then building this shed shouldn’t take you more than a weekend. When following the step-by-step instructions, it will be an easy task to get the project done perfectly.

Get crafting on this great storage shed right away – get the instructions from HERE.

#3 – Garden Closet Storage Shed

small shed plans

This garden shed is the tiniest, but that’s the beauty of it – it’s exactly the right size to store your gardening tools. As there are more details (all in order to give you more storaging options), it might take a little longer to build this shed than the others, also the makers of the plan have said it cost around $400 to build this, but the shed is definitely one of a kind and worth the efforts.

The plan has a detailed cutting list, material & tool list and of course diagrams and real-life photos that give you enough instructions to nail the project right away.

Don’t wait any longer – check out the instructions for building this garden shed from HERE.

Best Free Garden Shed Plans

garden shed plans

Garden sheds are usually bigger and have enough space to store tools, equipment and sometimes even do some work there. The shed plans are also varied and can be either 10×12 sheds or even bigger. The general rule with garden sheds is: the bigger, the better!

As garden sheds are big, sometimes even the size of a small house, you can imagine these are the most complex woodworking projects. All of these plans are rather difficult to execute and the cost will also stay above $500. However, knowing you’ve made something so huge yourself is precious and worth the efforts.

When building a big shed, keep in mind that the base is everything. No matter if the shed base will be concrete or wood, that’s the most crucial step that will ensure your shed will last a lifetime.

Top 3 Free Garden Shed Plans

Take your pick of one of these garden sheds – these royal beauties could be in your backyard!

#1 #2 #3
garden shed plansSchoolhouse Storage Shed garden shed plansBudget-Friendly Storage Shed garden shed plansDream Shed
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

Just looking at these sheds you couldn’t guess these are garden sheds – these look like small houses! That’s what makes woodworking so special. Couple of weeks and a few hundred bucks can get you to a result like this. However, a great shed plan is a necessity.

Thankfully, these 3 plans have construction drawings that help you out, together with more in-depth instructions that answer to some of the questions you might get during the building process.

If you are not sure yet, which of these beauties is the right one for you, take a closer look at all three and pick the perfect one. 

#1 – Schoolhouse Storage Shed

garden shed plans

This 10x12ft storage shed is anything but ordinary – looking from the distance it looks like a tiny house. The extreme level of detail, roofing, windows and all other details together give a beautiful finished result that will mesmerize everyone.

The shed has doubledoors, covered entry and fibercement siding so you can bet it is durable. The plan itself features detailed project diagrams that guide you through the whole process. It will be easier to build this complex shed than you imagined!

Take a look at the free shed plan HERE and get crafting!

#2 – Budget-Friendly Storage Shed

garden shed plans

Though this great shed seems as a very complicated project to follow, it’s actually the easiest garden shed plan from the bunch. The reason behind it is the use of simple building tehniques and modular construction, therefore it’s a task for a couple of weekends.

With the plan, you’ll have all you need for executing the construction process hassle free – there is cutting list, material list and of course step by step instructions that cover all the crucial aspects when it comes to building this shed.

Build this nice storage shed for your home – get the instructions from HERE!

#3 – Dream Shed

shed plans

This shed can easily be called the perfect shed, hence the name “Dream Shed”. The only difference in comparison to the other two is the fact you’ll get just the material list and a 13-page construction drawing, there are no guidelines with real-life pictures from the set.

However, as it’s not the most complex shed, the drawings are all you need!

Doubledoors , nice size and small practical windows make this shed a winner of hearts everywhere.

Build this awesome shed this weekend – get the guidelines from HERE.