Best Cabinet Plans

Best Cabinet Plans

Best Cabinet Plans

Choosing The Best Cabinet Plans 2018

One thing is sure – there is never enough storaging space. That’s where stylish and practical cabinets come in play and of course as a woodworker you’ll need cabinet plans that help you out with building your first (or why not even second or third) cabinet.

Cabinets come in various different styles and sizes but the main idea stays the same. However, as cabinets tend to have more details and more delicate joinery you’ll need a bit more advanced skill set to build the perfect cabinet. If you have already practiced and developed your woodworking skills and you have all the basic woodworking tools then you should be all set.

Cabinets can cost around few hundred bucks, depending on the size of the wished cabinet and the preferred material. Best cabinets are made regularly of pine which is sturdy and looks great. To make your decision making a little easier, we have compiled a selection of the best easy wood projects that help you craft your first ever cabinet!

Best Free Cabinet Plans

cabinet plans

Cabinet building is not the most complex task if you are aware of the basics of cabinets. Most cabinets have a similar construction: the carcass is usually either leg-and-rail, frame-and-panel or box/case. Most regular cabinets however are built with the box/case construction type which is a little easier version.

If you are not very keen on spending more than hundred or so on building your first cabinet, then you are in luck as you could easily craft a beautiful cabinet of plywood. Plywood is in fact used very often in cabinetry as it is sturdy, affordable and provides endless crafting options. Just add a little finishing and you’ll have a beautiful cabinet.

Once you have built one or two cabinets and have the basics set you’ll be able to craft beautiful cabinets without any plans. However, to get you started, here are the best free cabinet plans that can inspire you and assist you when you are starting your venture into cabinetry.

Top 3 Free Cabinet Plans

Crafting a stylish cabinet is easier than it seems, especially if you are following one of these cabinet plans. Take your pick:

cabinet plans 12-Door Wooden Cabinetcabinet plans 2Apothecary Cabinetcabinet plans 3Jelly Cabinet
Difficulty level:Difficulty level:Difficulty level:

Though not the hardest woodworking projects, all of these plans are suited more for a bit skilled woodworker. However, with a reasonable skill set it shouldn’t be a challenge to build one of these cabinets with the help of the cabinet plans.

Take a closer look at all of these plans – we are breaking down the characteristics of the cabinet plans so it would be easier for you to make a decision! 

#1 – 2-Door Wooden Cabinet

cabinet plans

This minimalistic wooden cabinet is simply a joy for the eye. Even greater is the fact you don’t need crazy tool set to make this – a cordless drill, pocket-screw kit and table saw will do! Two weekends and you should have your brand new cabinet all done.

The plan is accompanied by step-by-step pictures which help to keep you on track with the process. Also, don’t forget to finish the cabinet as that is the crucial step giving the cabinet the perfect stylish look.

Build this beautiful 2-door cabinet with few weekends, get the plan for the cabinet HERE.

#2 – Apothecary Cabinet

cabinet plans

You almost thought this cabinet has 8 different drawers, right? Actually, these are just a little trick – it’s just the look of the door! However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t space. Quite contrary, this beauty is spacious and can store your magazines nicely.

The cabinet plan is a little more complex as there are many details you need to cover. Definitely take in account you’ll need a kreg jig, a drill, a circular saw, a miter saw and a table saw.

Luckily however there is a detailed plan with measurements for every piece of the cabinet so you are surely in good hands with the cabinet plan. If you are looking for a challenge, then this cabinet might be it.

Craft a stylish Apothecary cabinet with the help of THIS plan.

#3 – Jelly Cabinet

cabinet plans

This plan is exactly what it sounds – the cabinet was built for storaging jelly. How neat way to storage and display your canned goods! The plan is relatively easy but as with other cabinet projects you’ll need a decent skill set. However, the plan has detailed step by step guidelines with pictures and measurement diagrams which get you through the process successfully.

It should be advised that for downloading this free cabinet plan you’ll need to subsribe but as a result you’ll get a completely free pdf plan. Sounds like a great deal for crafting this beautiful cabinet!

Build yourself this fun jelly cabinet! Get the plan from HERE.