Best Bookshelf Plans

Best Bookshelf Plans

Best Bookshelf Plans

Choosing The Best Bookshelf Plans 2018

What is a room without a classic bookshelf or a bookcase? Nothing! If you are a woodworking enthusiast then you will feel shortly how you’d like to build a spacious bookshelf for your home. Lucky for you, you can do that easily with some great free bookshelf plans.

Most bookshelves are built using plywood which is sturdy, especially if you are using Birch plywood. Plywood is also usually a bit more affordable so often you’ll need only around $100 to build a simple bookcase.

To inspire you, we have compiled a list of the best bookshelf plans and built-in bookcase plans. There is something for every skill level and budget! No matter the plan you decide to go with, remember to finish the project with a nice wood finish that helps to keep your bookshelf great looking for years. Some paint and varnish will ensure you’ll have a true woodworking beauty in your living room and you can proudly say it was all done by you!

Best Free Classic Bookshelf Plans

bookshelf plans

If you are new to woodworking, then the first step for building any bookshelf is to learn how to make nice clean wooden boxes. In the end that’s what a bookshelf really is! The trick for crafting sturdy shelves is to nail the joinery (yes, the pun is intended). Accurate joinery and safely connected pieces with the help of screws and wood glue is the way to go.

To help you out, we are showcasing 3 of the best free bookshelf plans. There is something for all so you can find a nice simple bookshelf that can be completed within a day and you can also find something a bit more complex that will require advanced skills.

Top 3 Free Bookshelf Plans

There is no way you can go wrong with these bookshelf plans if you are looking to build one. Check them out:

#1 #2 #3
bookshelf plans 1Simple Modern Shelf bookshelf plans 2Cubby Bookshelf bookshelf plans 3Contemporary Bookshelf
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These 3 bookshelf plans have it all. Clean cuts, quirky design and loads of storage options – what else could you need! Even better is the fact there are free bookshelf plans for every skill level. If you are a beginner woodworker then we’d suggest you take a look at one of the first 2 plans. If you are more handy then the plan #3 should be something of your interest.

Take a closer look at each of these plans – these short reviews will surely help you to make a decision. Or why not build all 3! 

#1 – Simple Modern Shelf

modern bookshelf plans

Not only does this plan help you to build this quirky little bookshelf, it is also one of the easiest bookshelves to build! In fact, it is said it actually doesn’t take more than a circular saw and a power drill and you’ll manage building the bookshelf just fine.

The main trick here is attaching every piece orderly and cutting them all the exact right size so it would be easy to assemble them. It takes some pocket hole screws and wood glue to attach all pieces, plus some plywood for the back parts. It’s exactly as easy as it sounds! Just one weekend (or even less) and the shelf is done.

Get the plan for this great looking modern shelf from HERE.

#2 – Cubby Bookshelf

cubby bookshelf plans

When you are thinking about bookshelves, you are usually not imagining something like this. The beauty of the cubby bookshelf is the compact design which combines a workspace and storaging compartments! It’s a match made in heaven – a table and a bookshelf at one.

The plan features instructions for building only the bookcase part so if you want, you can build the bookshelf alone as well. The bookshelf will cost around $100 which is pretty reasonable.

Moreover, the intstructions cover the process of building the shelf step-by-step with measurement diagrams so even if you don’t have a lot of woodworking experience, it shouldn’t be too hard to build this beauty.

This stylish storaging bookshelf can be yours with the help of THIS plan.

#3 – Contemporary Bookshelf

bookshelf plans 3

This is the perfect bookshelf. Sturdy, clean-cut design is not only strong but will fit any room perfectly. Modern design is beautiful to look at but functional at the same time as well. The whole shelf is built of plywood so it shouldn’t be very high-cost either.

Though it looks pretty easy, it takes a lot of detail to build this bookshelf. From the tools you’ll also need a table saw, dado blade, jigsaw, miter saw, planer, jointer, drill and a router. This together with the vast amount of detail makes it a fitting project for an advanced woodworker.

However, if you are skilled, you can take inspiration from this shelf and build an even bigger one – perhaps even a bookshelf that can cover the whole wall. The project is instructed step-by-step with photos of the process so you can take some advice and support from the guidelines.

Build this modern bookshelf with the help of the instructions you can get from HERE.

Best Free Built-In Bookcase Plans

bookcase plans

Who could forget those movie moments where someone opened a bookcase and found a secret passage behind it! You can build your very own “secret doorway” or just use your space in a compact way by building a bookcase that is built in the wall.

Built-in bookcases take bit more skills and therefore it should be advised that a newbie woodworker might hit a roadblock or two. However, if you have some woodworking skills already, you should be able to build a gorgeous bookcase yourself with a few weeks!

For building a neat clever bookcase like a built-in one, you’ll need to know about 3 techniques: scribing, fitting strips and French cleats. If you understand those techniques you’ll be good to go and you can start crafting something nice with the help of these awesome free bookcase plans.

Top 3 Free Built-In Bookcase Plans

Your searches are over – here are the absolute best free built-in bookcase plans that you can download right now! Take a look:

#1 #2 #3
built in bookcase plansFull-Size Built-In Bookcase built in bookcase plansInset Bookshelf Doorway built in bookcase plansModern Built-In Bookshelves
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These 3 bookcase plans display an array of different designs you can go for. From huge full wall size bookcase to a doorway and narrow bookshelves, there is something fitting for every home.

The costs for these projects vary and can be from $50 to few hundred – it all depends on the materials you go for. However, they all have one thing in common: these are woodworking plans for more advanced woodworkers and beginners are likely to get stuck with building these.

If you are having trouble making up your mind on which free plan to choose and tackle next, take a closer look at all 3. 

#1 – Full-Size Built-In Bookcase

bookcase plans

This magnificent bookcase is not only stylish, it’s HUGE. Surprisingly, the cost for building this is around $800 which is reasonable for the size of it. The whole plan is made using mainly pocket hole joinery so get your pocket hole jig ready.

What makes this plan stand out from the rest is not only the level of detail put into it, but the purpose of the plan. This free plan is actually made for promoting Leukaemia research. You can download the plan for $0 but if you’d like, you could take this free plan as an inspiration to donate a bit to your local Leukaemia research fond. That can be your way of saying “Thank you!” to the makers of the free bookcase plan.

Download the free plan for this bookcase from HERE and don’t forget to donate for Leukaemia research fond in your country!

#2 – Inset Bookshelf Doorway

bookcase plans

This bookcase is like straight out of a James Bond movie. The bookcase is actually a secret door! What an exciting way to add some more storaging space for your home. What’s even greater about this plan is the fact it was made for only $50. Not a bad deal I’d say!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an awesome secret passage, then take inspiration from this plan. There are step by step guidelines that take you through the whole process and there are also some insightful pointers that help you to nail this project without making any mistakes.

Build this cool secret doorway with the help of THIS plan.

#3 – Modern Built-In Bookshelves

bookcase plans

If you’d like to get some storaging space but don’t have much space, then these bookshelves are perfect for you. The plan instructs step-by-step on how to build a great bookcase like this without much effort and there are even loads of pointers that help you out even further.

You could also take the guidelines and build a bigger bookcase but keep in mind to give the construction support so it would be sturdy and would last a lifetime.

Crafting these divine bookshelves can be easy with the right guidelines. Go grab the instructions for these bookcases from HERE.