Milwaukee 2720-20 Review

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Milwaukee 2720-20 Review

If you love tools, you may have a favorite brand you look for when it’s time to buy. For millions of consumers, that brand is Milwaukee. The company produces a wide array of power tools including reciprocating saws.

Our Milwaukee 2720-20 review touches on one of their top models from their Fuel lineup. It’s cordless, heavy-duty, and we think you will be very impressed by its power as well. It is also safe to say the company knows a thing or two about making a good SAWZALL.

Milwaukee 2720-20 Specifications 

  • 18V Lithium-ion battery
  • 0-3,000 SPM
  • Quik-Lok Universal blade clamp
  • Adjustable Shoe
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/8”
  • 7.4 pounds
  • 5-year warranty

Who’s it for?

The Milwaukee 2720-20 is not a tool for consumers looking for a light-duty saw. It is a beast, and it is built to withstand the rigors of life on the job site.


This reciprocating saw is powered by 18-volts and a high-tech POWERSTATE brushless motor. They use all caps because it’s that powerful – seriously.

That’s due in part to the motor itself as brushless is the best way to go. Tools with brushless motors last longer than the classic style, so there’s less maintenance or chance for a total breakdown. They also have more power as they are more efficient overall.

The POWERSTATE motor is smarter than most and will actually optimize things by giving a constant supply of power regardless of the materials you are working with.

Heat won’t be an issue whether you’re sawing through a 6-inch tree limb or a thick piece of rebar. In a nutshell, it’s impressive, and the only thing that will hold you back is the battery life.


The biggest perk of this reciprocating saw is a feature you will find on many of Milwaukee’s other tools. That would be the REDLITHIUM XC battery system. It’s another optimized component that works well alongside that brushed motor to provide you with long battery life.

The packs are sturdier than most as well, but you don’t want to put its durability to the test unless you want to buy a replacement.

Another perk would be the REDLINK PLUS system. This smart setup keeps a constant line of communication between the battery, charger and the drill itself. When two components are working alongside each other, the lines of communication will definitely be open.

Why is this important? Well, it keeps your battery from overloading, keeps the heat down and further improves the lifetime of the Milwaukee 2720-20. It won’t outlive you, but it is likely to outlast other tools your arsenal from competing brands.

Ease of use

Changing out blades on some pieces of equipment can be a real pain – we’re looking at you skill saw. With the current crop of reciprocating saws, it generally only takes a few seconds unless the system uses a key.

Drills or saws with keys require you to carry a special tool around so you can loosen a chuck, bolt or clip to swap out blades.

As the name implies, keyless equipment is much easier to deal with and just as safe in the world of reciprocating saws. With the Milwaukee 2720-20, you’ll get a keyless blade clamp which makes switching out a wood blade for a metal one an absolute breeze.

This saw also has an LED light and a hang hook. The former will give you a bit of light on dimly lit areas while the latter gives you a way to store the tool when not in use. You do not want to hang this one on your belt however as weight is one of the few drawbacks.

Milwaukee Quality

Milwaukee has been making tools longer than most of our readers have been alive. When you’ve been around since the roaring 20’s, you tend to learn a few tricks.

They are also famous for the SAWZALL brand, so rest assured you’re going to get a quality reciprocating saw from this company.

Any Downsides?

Are you pretty strong?

If so, you will have no issue with this one, but others may need a lighter reciprocating saw. It weighs 7 pounds which is 2 pounds heavier than similar tools like the DeWalt DCS367B.

That shouldn’t be a deal-breaker by any means, especially if you are looking to get a workout while you’re on the job.


The pros outweigh the cons with the Milwaukee 2720-20, and the only real fault we could find in our Milwaukee 2720-20 review was the overall weight. Again, that’s a good thing if you want a heavy-duty tool that will long outlive its warranty.

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