DeWalt DCS367B Review

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DeWalt DCS367B Review

DeWalt is a brand we tend to turn to when we’re looking for a top-quality tool. That’s no exception when it comes to reciprocating saws, which is what we quickly found out in our DeWalt DCS367B review.

This tool utilizes the company’s latest technology and is both powerful and comfortable to use. Before we get into the fine details of this Dewalt sawzall, let’s take a quick look at the tech specs.

DeWalt DCS367B Specifications

  • 20-volts
  • 0-2900 SPM
  • 1 1/8” stroke length
  • Pivoting shoe
  • LED light
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • 5 pounds

Who is it for?

Normally, this area would be fairly evident, but that isn’t the case with the DeWalt DCS367B. That’s because we believe it’s a tool for almost everyone, regardless of your profession or what you need to cut.

As it’s cordless, the DCS36B is ideal for any occasion where a power outlet is a concern. It’s durable enough for contractors, yet light enough for homeowners as well. A wide variety of professions can make use of this tool with one exception.

If you do work heavy construction, you may actually need a reciprocating saw with a cord unless you have plenty of batteries. While we feel this tool is powerful enough, when your batteries are dry, you’re going to have to shut down until you get one recharged.

Power and capabilities

We don’t have the traditional motor measurements for this model but trust us when we say it will get the job done.

Some materials will wear the battery down quicker, but for the most part, the 20V Max XR battery will suffice. It has a variable speed trigger that allows you to start out slow before going full speed at 2900 SPM.

The pivoting shoe is a definite plus as well, but the big perk is the fact it the batteries work with other tools in DeWalt’s 20V lineup.

Ease of use

We’ve already told you how easy a reciprocating saw is to use. The DeWalt DCS367B is no different than the rest of the pack as it is extremely easy to use.

Changing blades will only take seconds thanks to a keyless clamp with 4-positions. We already told you about the handy pivoting shoe, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the work light.

While we don’t advise you to saw in the dark, having a bright LED to illuminate your cuts is a huge bonus. The saw has an ergonomic grip and is easy to handle although not necessarily the lightest tool around at 5 pounds.

DeWalt quality

We’ve discussed DeWalt’s exceptional tools in the past, and they remain a fan favorite due to their overall build quality. They don’t produce cheap equipment and always take care when it comes to the build.

This reciprocating saw comes with a 3-year limited warranty along with 1-year of service. You will also get the company’s 90-day money back guarantee on the off chance you don’t love this one straight out of the box.

Any Downsides?

Whenever you come across a product with exceptional ratings, you tend to take notice. When you see them across the board, you definitely pay attention. While we would love to pick this particular saw apart, there’s really not much to say as it’s a great all-around tool.

The build quality is top-notch, it’s got plenty of power, and our experts found it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. That’s key when you are using something that weighs 5 pounds and vibrates constantly.

They aren’t jackhammers, but some models can certainly wear you down quickly.

If we have to pick something to gripe about with this one, it would be the battery. The overall life is solid although again, it will vary depending on what you’re cutting and how hard you’re going at it. If power is a concern, you may be better off with a corded tool.


Our “downsides” tell you all you need to know about our DeWalt DCS367B review. It’s a great choice if you need an amazing reciprocating saw, and it won’t let you down whether you’re cutting metal or wood.

We also like the fact you can use this saw with the company’s tool system. If you’re already invested in DeWalt’s equipment, buying this one is a no-brainer and will be a welcome addition to your cordless arsenal.

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