Bosch CS10 Review

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Bosch CS10 Review

What exactly are woodworkers on the search for when when they are out shopping around for a new circular saw? Maybe it depends on what kind of work it is that you are looking to do, or the kind of projects that you anticipate wanting to tackle in the future.

Crafting a new add on to the family home? Cleaning out plank seams as you restore an old boat? You might not be looking for the same things when your project is building a treehouse for the kids, or constructing a coop for your backyard chickens.

But what would be some of the key qualities of your ideal circular saw purchase?

Qualities You Can Enjoy

Maybe you are dreaming of a flawless design? Perhaps you are looking out for perfect visibility? Is it important that it is a simple task to change the blades out? Do you want the most powerful motor? Is it essential to have absolute control for the most precise of cuts?

If that is your list – and it really should be if you aspire to be a quality woodworker with the best tools at his disposal – does the Bosch CS10 circular saw come close to checking all of these things off? Or are there any important areas where it may just fall a little bit short?

The long running German toolmaker has released a mid range priced solution that promotes convenience and ease of use, even throwing in wrench storage on the unit and a handy carrying bag to boot.

Are you just getting started in your woodworking journey? Maybe getting used to it as a new hobby as opposed to taking on a huge construction project? Then the Bosch CS10 is a good option for your budget and to get comfortable operating a circular saw. It’s designed to give you a lot of power and control to cut through just about any sort of wood that you want to work with.

But unfortunately, despite all of these perks, there just might not be everything that you would want in the best circular saw. If you are a bit more advanced and require a lot more precision, in that case, you need to at least be cognizant of some of the design quirks that might make the most precise cuts difficult to pull off.

That is why Woodwork Boss wants to share this Bosch CS10 review with you, so that you can make the call and we can let you know what you are getting if you decide to pay for this product.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and fast motor
  • Good visibility
  • Nice extras


  • Squaring problems
  • Instability
  • Can’t cut shallow

First and foremost before we dive into the details of this particular saw, some caveats about the saw it is not…

What the Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Is NOT

It Is Not A Cordless Circular Saw

If you prefer a cordless circular saw, definitely try looking elsewhere – you know, like our very own reviews of cordless circular saws!

But if you are okay with working with a cord, this can can take any 12 gauge extension cord.

It is Not A Worm Drive Circular Saw

Also, when woodworkers use the phrase “skill saw” to refer to a circular saw, they may mean the two terms to be totally interchangeable. But historically, the phrase skill saw more often means a worm drive circular saw.

So bear in mind that this Bosch CS10 review is investigating the pros and cons of a sidewinder circular saw.

Of course, if you prefer working with a worm drive, there are other saws out there for you, and you can also read those reviews here!

It is Not a Left Handed Circular Saw

Finally, this is a right-handed circular saw. You southpaws should read our review on the left bladed Bosch CS5 instead!

So with those aspects aside, it is time to run down our circular saw wishlist, and see what the Bosch CS10 is able to fulfill.

What it Can Do


Does it allow you good visibility? As you will see, it does. Not only will you have an unobstructed view of the cut line, but there is even a powerful blower to keep that pesky dust out of your eyes, too and ensure decent circular saw dust collection. (Although really, you should be wearing safety goggles – and yes, you will be keeping the dust off those, too.)

Easy to change blades

How about easy to change blades? Yes, this has got that, and it is your standard 7-¼-inch blade. Not to mention, there is a wrench that comes with the purchase and is stored on the unit to facilitate changing that 24 tooth blade out in a timely fashion.

If you want clear instructions you can check how to change a circular saw blade.

What about a powerful motor? You got it. The 15 amp motor probably gives you all the power that you would think you would need, maybe even more.


But can you control the thing with all that power? Yes, because that is the point – with that motor, you have the blade speeds that absolutely give you control. The blade moves at 5600 RPM, so that is going to work for you even with your tougher materials.

And, there is an anti snag lower guard, a depth gauge, and an adjustable bevel with a 56 degree capacity that is meant to give you accuracy for a variety of cuts.


All of this comes in a package that weighs just over 10 pounds, with a soft grip handle and a magnesium footplate that makes it so much lighter to use.


It is a nice little bonus that your wrench storage is on the unit itself, and the product comes in a pretty solid bag. You got to give it to Bosch in making this a very attractive presentation.

The Downside

So that is all well and good, but does the overall design give you everything you need for every project? Well, no, it is not exactly flawless. While the rubberized, soft grip handle is supposed to make it more comfortable to handle the tool, too much pressure on that handle is going to get you too much flex with the plate.

The housing arm problems that hinder your stability mean that this tool will not come through for you, for instance, if you need to make any cuts with a more shallow depth. That is because an unstable saw plate will tend to throw off your accuracy.

This flaw in the precision causes an inability to square your cuts.

This is all despite the easy adjusting and locking, and the inability to get a perfect 90 degree cut is just not practical for a number of projects.

The Bottom Line

You really cannot go wrong with a Bosch. They have been around a long time and are known for making great tools. But nothing is perfect, and the CS10 circular saw is not perfect fit for every woodworker of every skill level for every project of every level of difficulty.

If you are a beginner woodworker or hobbyist working on around the house projects or in the garage, this is very suitable. If you are on a big project that will require more advanced and precise cuts, be aware of the flex in the plate and adjustment issues.

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