Hitachi C7ST Review

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Hitachi C7ST Review

A circular saw is a necessity for when you’ve got to make a cut in your woodworking project that you cannot get off of a table or miter saw. But when finding a quality model, you have to find an option that is easy to handle and yet produces a significant amount of power. But as this Hitachi C7ST review reveals, there is a great option to consider for your saw needs.

The Hitachi C7ST gives you a great cut and plenty of power while offering numerous control features. It is light in weight and easy to hold onto without vibrations too.

This is a model that is suitable for many cutting needs and gives you the best possible cut you could utilize for any basic woodworking plan.


  • Carbide blade offers a sturdy and smooth cut
  • Light in weight
  • Adjustable lever responds quickly and effectively
  • Does not excessively vibrate in your hands
  • Does not overheat easily


  • Dust chute can leak if not handled carefully enough
  • Power cord is rather short
  • No electric brakes

Key Features

The Hitachi C7ST a 15-amp 7-1/4-inch circular saw which offers a large body for the strongest possible cuts. The blade runs at 6,000 RPM to produce quick and smooth cuts without creating any burns on the wood surface.

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The blade comes with carbide tips on the teeth. The blades come with 24 teeth for basic cutting needs. You can open the spindle lock to replace the blade as needed. For the further instruction of replacement check how to change a circular saw blade how to change a circular saw blade. You could also use the blade wrench that comes with the saw to help you fix it up.

The blade works at inclines from 0 to 45 degrees along the base. The inclines can be easily controlled with a simple lever. If you are looking for the best

You can cut as deep at 2-7/16 inches at a 90-degree surface or 1-7/8 inches at a 45-degree angle. These measurements are good enough for most cutting functions you might have to handle.

The saw works on 120 volts of power and uses an eight-foot power cord. It generates enough energy to ensure that you will get the cleanest and strongest cuts possible without worrying about the power cutting in or out.

A Closer Look

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The body of the Hitachi C7ST is made with a mix of aluminum and steel. This produces a unit that is about ten pounds in weight. The eight-foot cord is insulated properly and ensures a consistent amount of power.

The power button and levers are also carefully organized around the body of the saw to provide you with easy access to the control features while responding quite well to typical actions.

The blade itself uses a tungsten carbide-tipped body. This offers a solid body that will not chip apart easily or rust. It moves through the wood cleanly and with ease, thus producing a great layout worth using.


The 6000 RPM speed on the blade gives you a powerful cut. This moves through wooden surfaces quickly and creates a smooth layout without producing splinters or rough spots. The wood will not become overly hot either.

The 15-amp motor is a key part of the Hitachi C7ST as it produces a strong cut that works quickly and effortlessly. The motor is very consistent and will not sputter or wear out as you use the cutter.


The saw does very well with cutting as the blade is kept in a secure housing. This prevents the saw blade from shaking or vibrating as you use it. With this in mind, it becomes easy for you to use the saw.

You can use the front and side scales on this saw to review how well it can cut. This ensures that you can accurately and carefully measure everything you are cutting while using this saw.

The base around the bottom part of the saw does very well as a guide to help you measure everything. The base is clearly labeled and easy to notice, what with the dust chute being out of your cutting line. You will get a consistent view of everything as you cut through a surface when this is used right.

Ease of Use

The soft grip handle gives you a better hold that you can easily grab onto. It does not produce overly strong vibrations as it moves through your wood surface.

The lever on the saw gives you the ability to adjust the tilt on the saw blade. This lets you position the blade at a particular angle for cutting. You also have a retracting handle on the saw to help you change the cutting depth on the saw.

The center of gravity on this saw is also rather low. It does not feel too heavy on one side over another.

A blade guard is included on the side to keep you protected when you are trying to make an angled cut. The guard does well with keeping the blade intact without it slipping out or going too far out of the spot that you are trying to get a cut through.

A dust blower is added into the saw to ensure that the cut line is kept smooth and open. A chute is also added to keep dust from blowing all around a spot although you would have to keep the chute secure and steady at all times while using it.

The fact that the blower and chute are out of your viewing range while cutting is especially important. This allows you to cut through tough surfaces with ease without worrying about not seeing what is in an area as you cut through a spot.

Who Should Use This?

The Hitachi C7ST is best for when you are looking for a saw that is easy to use and offers a safe and simple body. It is perfect for when you are trying to take care of an extensive do-it-yourself project but it especially fits in well if you are new to woodworking and you want something easy to handle.

This is not necessarily for those who are trying to take care of items at steeper angles though. It does well with cutting into many surfaces though and can get through various deep spots but it does require a bit of control to ensure that it runs properly.

What Is This Best At?

One point about this Hitachi C7ST to notice is that this particular saw is best at cutting through typical wooden planks. It does well with basic wooden surfaces but it is especially create when you are trying to cut smooth curves.

This saw works wonders when you are trying to prepare angled cuts. It does well for curves of all sizes and offers a maneuverable design. With this, you can quickly produce great cuts that come with great edges without being jagged or off in any manner.

The lack of vibrations also ensures that you will not struggle with the cutting process.


The overall point to bring out of this Hitachi C7ST review is that this is one circular saw that offers a convenient and useful design. This saw helps you with producing a strong cut all the way through. It is not too hard to utilize and supports a versatile array of cuts.

You will be surprised at how well this model can work for when you are aiming to produce a quality woodworking project.

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