Bosch PS31-2A Review

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Bosch PS31-2A Review

Finding tools that are high quality can be difficult since the market is saturated with average and subpar products. What’s important when purchasing tools is finding a brand that’s trustworthy. You need a manufacturer that’s been around for a long time. That’ll give you confidence that consumers trust that brand, which is the reason they have kept it on the market for so long. Bosch has been producing tool used in shops and homes for decades. The brand makes equipment that is suitable for professionals and homeowners alike including beastly little machines like the Bosch PS31-2A.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this product so that you can have all your questions answered and then determine if this product lives up to your expectations.

After digging through hundreds of power tools, this little drill stood out for several reasons. We will cover all the important ground in our Bosch PS31-2A review, but first, we are going to take a quick look at what makes it tick.

Who’s it for?

Homeowners or handyman that want a tool that can tackle most tasks will feel at ease with the Bosch PS31-2A.

It is designed for people that don’t need a workhorse, and in cases where the weight of a larger drill can tire you out. Electricians and other contractors will appreciate this drill as well, especially those that deal with overhead installations.

Specs List 

  • Type: Cordless Drill
  • Voltage: 12-volt
  • Speed: 2-speeds
  • Torque: Adjustable 20+1
  • Power: Lithium-ion
  • Weight: 2.14 pounds


Outside of the horsepower, durability is one of the first things we look for whenever purchasing a cordless tool of any kind.

They are known for convenience and portability, so metal parts are few and far between due to weight concerns. That means you’ll deal with plastic housings and chucks in some cases.

That new tape measures won’t do you any good if it breaks after a month and your drill can be rendered useless from a short fall if it’s cheaply made.

It’s one area you will not have to worry about with the Bosch PS31-2A. It is made from a form of plastic but constructed from Durashield which is a unique blend of ABS and Nylon.

This adds durability to the casing, and the tool has survived test drops up to 12-feet which is pretty impressive as it is not an industrial model by any means. As for the chuck, it’s sturdy but not on the level with other drills at this price.

Bosch opted for a three-jaw chuck with a single-sleeve and no key. While it’s quick and efficient, it’s not made from metal so it won’t hold up as well over time. It does have an auto-lock feature, however. The chuck accepts bits up to 3/8” in size which is standard for drills of this size and power.

Ease of Use

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One big advantage to this drill is how easy it is to use. The Bosch PS31-2A measures 7” x 2.5” so it won’t take up much room in your bag and only weighs 2.14 pounds.

Lightweight drills are more comfortable during extended use, and cordless drills are a great choice when weight is a concern. The Bosch PS31-2A keeps its slim figure by using a narrow battery that slides into the handle and doesn’t protrude.  While it isn’t the most powerful tool, your hands and arms will stay fresh.

The pistol grip handle is soft where it counts, and the large trigger ensures you won’t miss your mark. Actually, there is an integrated LED light that will help in that regard as well by illuminating your work area.

Controls are easy to reach on this model as well. The reverse button on the side next above where your thumb will rest, the torque ring sits behind the chuck, and you can adjust the speeds with a switch up top.


Small tools are handy; there is no doubt about that. While the PS31-2A is certainly slim, it comes at the sacrifice of horsepower.

With a top speed of 1300 RPM, this drill has enough power to drive or remove screws and drill holes just like the rest of the pack. The torque is better than expected at 265 in/lbs. but considerably less than the 460 in/lbs. you’ll find on the Hitachi DS18DSAL which is an 18-volt drill.

You will notice a drop off if you’re coming from a higher-powered drill, so keep your needs in mind.

On the plus side, you’ll get 20+1 clutch settings so you can tweak the torque as needed. This drill can be set to two speeds with 0-350 RPM and 0-1300 RPM. Again, it’s not a powerhouse but will suffice for average users and pro’s that don’t need a lot of power.

Peace of Mind

Bosch got its start and rose to fame by producing the first magneto for cars in the late 1800s. They have been around for over a century, so it’s safe to say they have always kept their customers and quality in mind over the years.

When it comes to warranties, you will get their famous ProVantage promise of protection.

For the first year you own the Bosch PS31-2A, you get a complete replacement if something goes wrong. That includes it dropping dead after a few months – it happens to the best of them. After that, you are covered under their “free tool repair” pledge.

The batteries for this tool are covered for two years. That’s not the best as we have seen models with 3-year battery warranties, but it’s not terrible by any means.

Battery Life

The battery life is solid given the power and size of the tool, so you won’t have to run to the charger every hour.

Due to the size of the motor and the fact this is only a 12-volt drill, it’s built for regular use so battery life shouldn’t be a concern.

There are two Lithium-ion batteries included in this kit; both are rated at 2.0 Ah. Replacements run between $40-$50 bucks, which is par for the course on cordless models.

As with any power tool, how long the battery lasts depends on what you’re doing with your drill. Tougher tasks require more power, so keep that in mind when dipping below 18-volts on cordless tools.


One of the unique perks of buying online is the fact you can often pick up “bundle” deals. With the Bosch PS31-2A, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Our top choice is the kit with two batteries, and a case, but for a few dollars more you can score a nice drill and drive bit set. There is also a screwdriver bit set in the same range.If you already have bits at home, you may be better off sticking with the regular set.

If you are just getting started with your collection of cordless power tools, there are a few more options available.

One kit includes the basics along with a tilting LED work light with 10 high-intensity LED lights and 200-degree articulation.

The other is a 3-piece kit which includes the drill, charger, bag, a different work light, and a reciprocating saw. The saw is capable of producing 3,000 no-load strokes per minute, and its compact nature makes it ideal for tight spaces where a Sawzall won’t work.

It’s a solid bundle and comes with a bag but is still a 12-volt kit at the end of the day. Always consider your needs before you go for pricey extras.

Any Downsides?

The most glaring negative for this drill is the same problem you find on plenty of consumer-friendly models – a plastic chuck.

It shouldn’t cause you to run the other way, but there are better models with beefier chucks at the same price. That said, those models are heavier, and this drill is geared more towards people concerned about weight.


It may be small, but it is mighty when it comes to screws. That means the Bosch PS31-2A is ideal for contractors or consumers looking to do light duty work.

If you’re an electrician that spends half the day bend over or reaching overhead, this drill will be your new best friend. Plumbers and other contractors that need a lightweight tool to drill simple holes or deal with screws have found a great option.

No major accessories are included, but you do get two batteries with this set, two screwdriver bits, and a roomy contractor bag.

We’ve mentioned what you can expect from the Bosch PS31-2A and how it will benefit you. This product has minor setbacks, but those shouldn’t put you off from this product. There’s no item on the market that’s perfect. Bosch has delivered great tools for years and has not disappointed with the PS31-2A. If you want further insight into the product, check the link below.

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