Best Workbench Plans

Best Workbench Plans

Best Workbench Plans

Choosing The Best Workbench Plans 2018

Before you can start creating your beautiful woodworking projects you will need a sturdy workbench. For that, you have two options: either to buy a workbench or follow some workbench plans and create one yourself.

You might be thinking how could you build something without having a decent workbench yet? Well, the answer is simple: most workbench plans are very easy to follow and don’t need any special skills, money nor tools. It can actually take as little as $20 and a few hours and your brand new workbench will be ready for work.

Therefore, if you want to challenge yourself, building a workbench is the best way for starting with woodworking. Besides, you’ll get some knowledge and the end result is a nice workbench that can assist you with your bigger and more complex woodworking projects.

Best Free Workbench Plans

workbench plans

Building a strong and reliable workbench is a lot easier than it seems. Even better is the fact it will not break the bank – making even the most costly workbench can cost around $100 which is times less when comparing with the store-bought ones.

To make your venture into woodworking even easier and enable to craft a great workbench, we have gathered the best workbench plans for you to check out. All of these are incredibly easy to follow and the bench shouldn’t take more than a few hours to make. Also, you’ll need just a few tools and from $20-$100 to build a nice workbench.

Top 3 Free Workbench Plans

Take your pick of these 3 workbench plans – all of these are great for a beginner woodworker and the result is a strong, practical workbench.

#1 #2 #3
workbench plans 1Easy Portable Workbench workbench plans 2Sturdy Workbench workbench plans 3Workbench With A Wall Stand
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These 3 workbenches look amazing and share a common trait – they are easy to build and will take no more than 2 hours to craft. Average cost for these stay around $50 which is unbelievably affordable! All you need to figure out is whether you’d prefer a portable version, a simple traditional bench or a sturdy bench with a convinient wall stand.

If you are not 100% sure on which one is the best pick, take a deeper look at each of these plans:

#1 – Easy Portable Workbench

workbench plans 1

This plan is designed for helping you to build your first workbench – it can’t get any easier than this! Same goes for the cost as building this bench won’t cost you more than $75. Only 30 minutes and less than $100 spent – seems like a dream deal.

The design of the workbench is traditional but with a tiny quirky part. The workbench has wheels which makes it possible to move the workbench around. Even if you have a very lightweight workbench, wheels are a great asset that make your life a lot easier. You’ll be thankful for installing the wheels!

Get crafting – building this practical workbench is easy thanks to THIS plan.

#2 – Sturdy Workbench


This is literally the easiest workbench to build and quite easily the cheapest. Sturdy design and ease of building it make it the most loved choice of all the workbench plans.

Besides the design being simple enough for even beginner woodworkers to pull off, the plan contains detailed diagrams for each step and nice inspirational pictures from people who have already followed the same project. If you’ve never built anything in your entire life, then this is the project to start from!

Craft the workbench with the help of this workbench plan you can find from HERE.

#3 – Workbench With A Wall Stand


You could imagine the wall stand makes it a little harder to craft but actually it’s surprisingly easy! For a more experienced woodworker it is a matter of 2 hours to craft this bench. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

If you don’t have much room to spare then this workbench is the way to go. All of this can be done with only $50!

What are you waiting for? Build this extremely easy workbench following THIS plan.

Best Free Garage Workbench Plans

garage workbench plans

Garage workbenches are not much different from regular workbenches but there is one tweak. Garage workbenches are designed to be more compact, either by their measurements and overall design or some extra gadgets that make them portable or foldable.

If space is a question and you have to start your woodworking venture in your garage, then a workbench designed for smaller spaces is the one you need to go for. Fortunately, there are loads of options for you to choose from.

To get you started, we are reviewing 3 of the best garage workbench plans that are easy to build and won’t cost a fortune. Even better is the fact they are all designed to fit a smaller room. Take a closer look at the great garage workbench plans.

Top 3 Free Garage Workbench Plans

Garage workbenches are great looking and practical. Take your pick of one of these great garage workbench plans:

#1 #2 #3
garage workbench plansFolding Workbench garage workbench plans 2$20 Garage Workbench garage workbench plansSimple Portable Workbench
Difficulty level: Difficulty level: Difficulty level:

These plans display a great array of different garage workbench plans and designs. From foldable to sturdy and portable, you have plenty of options so you can choose the one fitting the best for your workshop, no matter how big or small the space is. The cost can vary but most cases it won’t go over $100! Pretty great deal or what?

Take a deeper look at these garage workbench plans that will get your workshop nicely organized. 

#1 – Folding Workbench

workshop plans free

This is something you can’t just go and grab from the store! It is affordable and rather simple to build, but it is a tad a bit more complex than others.

Even so, if you are looking for a very compact foldable garage workbench then this is the one you should choose. One day of crafting and you’ll have the best workbench for your workshop.

Get detailed instructions and a cutting list from HERE.

#2 – $20 Garage Workbench

This garage workbench is almost like a polar opposite to the previous one: it is much easier to build, can cost as low as $20, it doesn’t fold and it has a bit different design angle overall. However, this classic workbench is loved for its’ sturdy nature and small measurements which allow it to be moved around and used even in smaller workshops.

If you have zero woodworking skills, then you don’t have to be frightened since you can still build this workbench. The plan features not only measurement diagram and cutting list, there are detailed instructions on how exactly can you build such a great workbench with little effort.

Go and grab the guidelines for this garage workbench from HERE.

#3 – Simple Portable Workbench

workbench plans

This is almost the perfect garage workbench. The design is more into width than height so it won’t stand on your way even if the garage workshop can’t flaunt with space. The workbench is portable thanks to the wheels so you can take your woodworking outside on sunny days and enjoy natural lighting. What else could you wish for!

Besides getting a project diagram, you can follow the making-of process step by step thanks to great visuals that illustrate every detail. If you don’t have much experience in woodworking, this is the best place to start from.

Don’t wait any longer and get the plan for this great workbench from HERE.