DeWalt DCK590L2 Review

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DeWalt DCK590L2 Review

If you want to purchase a cordless drill in the industrial class, you can easily pay well over a hundred bucks. You can save some money by purchasing a bare tool, but sets are where the real value lies if you don’t mind spending up.

The DeWalt DCK590L2 is one of the most popular tool sets on the market, and for a good reason, as you’re getting 5 tools at a very good price. You are also getting access to the company’s 20V MAX battery lineup which allows you to expand your arsenal at any time.

Before we get to our DeWalt DCK590L2 review, let’s take a quick look what’s included so you can decide if this is the right kit for you.

DeWalt DCK590L2 Specifications

  • DCD985 1/2” Hammerdrill
  • DCF885 1/4” Impact Driver
  • DCS381 Reciprocating Saw
  • DCS393 6 1/2” Circular Saw
  • DCL040 LED Work Light
  • 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery pack x2
  • Fast Charger

Who’s this drill for?

If you’re considering this kit, there are a few quick questions you will want to ask yourself.

Are you a weekend warrior who loves to take on DIY projects when they have the time? If the answer is yes, you will get a lot of use from the DeWalt DCK590L2.

Two saws, a drill, and an impact wrench are capable of handling all types of tasks, and you won’t have to worry about cords. It’s also a good kit for pros considering that need a light-duty cordless solution as DeWalt knows how to squeeze the HP out of their motors.

Hammer Drill

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Arguably the handiest tool in this kit is the DeWalt DCD985. It’s a drill, but no ordinary drill as this one can hammer your point home. It has an all-metal transmission and a sturdy metal chuck that can take bits up to 1/2” in size.

The motor running the show is efficient but powerful with 3-speed settings. The max power for this model is listed at 535 unit watts. Simply put, means it can drill through metal or punch through masonry without breaking a sweat.

DeWalt also included an LED light on this model which has a 20-second delay after the trigger is released. While that’s nice, we like the heavy duty 360-degree handle and that thick metal chuck.

Impact Driver

Impact drivers have gained popularity in recent years and allow you to get into some very tight spaces. There are just as powerful as a normal cordless model, but capable of doing things those models cannot.

While similar to a drill, the DeWalt DCF885B has a collet instead of a keyless chuck. It’s a hex chuck of sorts and can take 1” bit tips. This tools main claim to fame is its ability to remove large bolts and nuts, but it also does an amazing job of driving screws.

This driver has 3 LED lights on the same delayed system and is capable of delivering 3,200 “impacts” per minute and 1,400 inch-pounds of maximum torque.

The Saws

The DeWalt DCK590L2 kit comes with not one, but two saws with the DCS393 Circular Saw and the DCS381 Reciprocating Saw.

Reciprocating Saw is another term for Sawzall, a handy tool and something every tool junkie should have in their bag. It sports a keyless blade clamp which allows you to switch from wood to metal blades in seconds and is comfortable even during extended use.

It has a variable speed trigger and a 1-inch stroke. With a motor capable of hitting 3,000 SPM, it will get the job done.

As for the DeWalt DCS393, it is a circular saw capable of handling standard 6 1/2” blades. It’s not a “mini” and has a maximum cut depth of 2.25-inches and a bevel capacity of 50-degrees. It is powered by a 460 MWO motor rated at 5,150 RPM so it can handle the toughest of tasks.

Other accessories

If you’ve been keeping count, we did mention that the DeWalt DCK590L2 is a 5 piece kit. The missing accessory we’ve yet to cover is a simple, but useful tool.

The last tool in this kit is the DeWalt DCL040, an LED work light. It has a pistol grip, but you can swivel the head, and it’s quite bright at 110 lumens. It also has a hook and a nifty LED-based voltage sensor that lets you know when you are a “hot” spot.

20-volt tools require batteries, and you will get two DeWalt DCB200-2 batteries with this kit to go along with a 12V/20V quick charger. It also comes with a 6 1/2” saw blade and a heavy-duty contractor bag.

DeWalt Quality

DeWalt has designed their power tools to last, and that’s especially true for their cordless models. In other words, you don’t have to worry about these tools dropping dead out of the box.

On the off chance something does go wrong, you can rely on an excellent customer support system. These popular tools have a large fanbase online and come with a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year free service contract for repairs.

The standard 90-day money-back guarantee applies as well. With the batteries, we’re pleased to say you’ll get the same great 3-year warranty.


The only real downside to this set as a whole would be the price as it is not cheap for a 20-volt kit. With that in mind, you have to think about how many of the tools you actually plan to use from this particular set.

Do you already own cordless tools and do they come from another kit?

If so, you may want to consider the things you need from this kit compared to what you already have on hand. You can buy all these pieces individually although the total cost will definitely exceed the package price.

If are already invested in one company’s tool system, it may not be worth the switch.


We hope our DeWalt DCK590L2 review has helped shine a light on the key areas of this kit. While not cheap, it is an investment worth making if you use these types of tools or have considering buying a full cordless kit.

The lengthy 3-year warranty on the tools and batteries are a bonus as well. You may never need to visit a service center, but you will have peace of mind.

You should also need to know everything about safety before you buy this tools.

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