Carhartt Boots Review

Carhartt Boots Review

Carhartt has experienced a recent surge in popularity over the past decade. You don’t have to look hard to find someone wearing their clothing, and their work boots are known to be just as tough as the rest of their gear.

That’s what we’re going to focus on today as the company has a slew of outstanding boots available. With that in mind, we decided to put together a Carhartt boots review and picked through their arsenal to find the cream of the crop.

What are Carhartt boots known for

Carhartt history and background

Founded in Dearborn Michigan back in 1889, Carhartt began its existence as a clothing company. While that is still their claim to fame today, they have expanded their lineup considerably over the years to include all types of gear for working men and women.

The family-owned company has also introduced their fair share of innovations to the field including several trademarked features that are still found in their garments to this day.

Rugged Flex Technology

One type of trademarked tech from Carhartt would be Rugged Flex. This can be found in everything from jacket and gloves to blue jeans and gives you extra flexibility in all the vital areas.

While some flexible materials are weak and prone to tears, that isn’t the case with Carhartt’s gear. Rugged Flex technology is built into all of their entire Full Swing lineup and one of the reasons the company is so popular with workers.

Who are Carhartt boots for

Do you need a boot that can withstand high temperatures or one that is resistant to abrasions along with the elements?

If so, Carhartt has a boot for you. They have a great reputation for producing quality products, and while they still push more clothing than footwear, their boots are rock solid all-around.

We also appreciate the fact they are affordable, and a true “working man’s” boot in that regard. They are in the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing although you would never know it when you slip on one of their boots and compare it to one with a higher price tag.

Most noteworthy Carhartt boots

This company has more boots than available than most clothing manufacturers, and none we would consider bad, so it was difficult to separate the best from the rest this time around.

We picked out three pairs we felt deserved their own Carhartt boots review and included a style for everyone with boots that you can slip on in seconds and ones that can protect your feet during extreme conditions.

Carhartt CMF6366 Composite Toe Boot

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Our top choice is the Carhartt CMF6366, a composite toe boot. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular style, you can read more about it in our guide to the different styles of work boots, so we’ll simply say they are safer than regular boots on the job.

This 6” boot has a double padded collar which provides support and protection for your ankles while the comp toe keeps your little piggy’s safe from falling (or dropped) objects. A broken toe will end your day rather quickly.

The Rugged Flex tech we told you about comes into play in these boots, so you’ll get flexibility where you need it and their durable as well. That’s due to the outsole which uses cement construction and a thick rubber bottom to absorb damage from the ground.

Overall, we think the Carhartt CMF6366 is a fine boot that’s well worth considering if you want a good all-around boot. This one can perform well in almost any condition and is available in multiple widths up to a size 15.

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Carhartt Romeo Waterproof Pull-On Boot

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If your ankles quake at the thought of a tall, heavy boot then the Romeo’s may be your new best friend. They aren’t as durable as our top choice or our next one, but well worth a look if you need something light but durable.

The Carhartt Romeo is a simple boot made from leather with a pull loop in the back and some flexible fabric on the sides. This allows your foot to breath and makes the boot easy to slip on even if you have wider feet.

No safety toe is present in this boot, but it does have a thick rubber outsole with a slightly elevated heel. They can “repel” water, but cannot resist it so don’t go puddle jumping in these boots. On the plus side, they sport a cushy OrthoLite insole and have slip-resistant tread across the bottom.

While not ideal for heavy labor, the Carhartt Romeo boots are an option if you have a foot condition that keeps you from wearing heavier boots. Just keep sizing in mind as these boots can run a half size smaller than some shoes.

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Carhartt Wellington Waterproof Steel-Toe Pull-On Work Boot

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We may have saved the best for last depending on your needs. If you want a steel-toe monster of a boot, keep on reading as you’re going to love the Wellington.

Carhartt’s Wellington boot is large and in charge. By that we mean it’s very tall at 11-inches and has a solid steel-toe so you can stomp around the job site without fear. The outsole certainly helps in that regard as well, and it is resistant against the usual substances.

This pull-on boot is also waterproof, and while it’s tall, it is comfortable. It has a textile shaft to keep thinks light and flexible while you walk, but the insole is not what would consider “cushy” by any means.

One area you won’t have an issue with is the insulation however as the boot has plenty of LiteFire insulation to keep your feet warm on the coldest of days.

The Carhartt Wellington is available in the usual sizes and construction from a blend of Leather and Nylon. You will want to keep sizing in mind with these as pull-on boots fit a bit different than a traditional lace-up boot.

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Carhartt provides quality clothing and boots are for manly men or working women who need something tougher than a typical pair of boots.

It doesn’t matter if you need a boot like the Wellington for a job site or something similar to the Romeo for comfort; we’re fans of the brand and believe you will be as well once you see what the company has to offer.