Shop-Vac 9633400 Review

Shop-Vac 9633400 Review

Shop-Vac 9633400 6.5-Peak HP Ultra Pro Series 12-Gallon Wet or Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower with Tool Storage, Uses Type U Cartridge Filter Type R Foam Sleeve & Type F Filter Bag

When you are searching high and low for a good shop vac, one name tends to stand out for a rather obvious reason. That would be the Shop-vac brand, and we’re going to take a look one of their machines geared towards homeowners.

The Shop-vac 9633400 is a step down from an industrial model, but an amazing option for light to heavy duty use around your home. This Wet/Dry vac has several cool features built-in as well and is easy enough for anyone to use.

Tech Specs

  • 6.5 Peak HP motor
  • Convertible blower
  • 12-gallon drum
  • 18-foot lock-on hose
  • 4-year warranty

Who is it for?

While we would be hesitant to roll this one out on a construction site, the Shop-Vac 9633400 can hold its own under most conditions but is best suited for home use.

Homeowners can use this vacuum to take care of spills in seconds or pick up dirt, dust and other debris from around their home. Need to clean out your car or tidy up the basement? Those types of tasks are a piece of cake for this little machine.


Despite not being durable enough for our liking compared to contractor models, this vacuum is quite powerful. In fact, it’s single stage bypass motor is top of the line at 6.5 Peak HP for this class.

Even heavier liquids or debris are no match for the Shop-Vac 9633400 although the hose may hold you back as it only 2 1/2-inches. That power also comes in handy when it’s time to head outdoors. Especially if you have a large lot with lots of trees.


As you’d expect, the Shop-Vac 9633400 is constructed of thick plastic so you will be able to lug it around without fear. The company kept the design minimal as well which is a good thing for home use.

There aren’t any massive attachment racks that will hang you up while you’re pulling the vacuum around your home or shop. The wheels are sturdy and roll with easy while the 12-gallon capacity tank is durable with handles on each side. This makes the vacuum easy to empty or pick up if you want to take it on the road.

Ease of Use

Shop vacuums are simple to use, and not the type of tool that will give people trouble. Even the most inexperienced users can flip a switch and move a hose, and you won’t have any issue with this vac in the ease of use department.

The cleaning radius is nice on the Shop-vac as it sports an 8-foot hose and an 18-foot power cord. We also like the ergonomic elbow accessories and the fact the motor detaches from the base when it’s time to deal with leaves. We’re not going to say that its “fun” to use, but it’s a tool that makes tough tasks simple.

The port is of average size on this model as it takes a 2 1/2” hose. That thick hose locks into place to keep potential accidents at bay. Last but not least is a drain port at the bottom. If you frequently deal with water or other liquids, a good drain port is a must on any shop vac.


You will receive two types of filters out of the box with a regular cartridge style filter and a filter bag.

Replacements are easy to find and affordable although you may be bowled over by the wealth of options available. There are close to a dozen currently including foam sleeves, paper cartridges, and filters built to deal with drywall or fine particulates.

Overall, we think the Shop-Vac 9633400 has more types of filters available compared to similar models at this price point.


When it comes to accessories, you’re going to get a box full with the Shop-Vac 9633400.

This vacuum comes with the aforementioned 8-foot hose, and the blower nozzle along with two 2 1/2-foot extension wants. The standard crevice tool is included along with a 14” floor nozzle which is ideal for hardwoods.

You will also receive an 8-inch utility nozzle, and we think you’ll appreciate the concentrator nozzle if you’ve got some tough spots to deal with.

Need to clean your gutters?

That’s easy with a 120-degree elbow which you can attach to the blower to get those hard to reach angles. It’s a simple accessory, but one that makes a huge difference.

Any downsides?

Remember what we said about the machine being easy to pull through your home or cramped spaces? Well, there is also a downside to that unfortunately.

While it is nice to have a study cylinder on wheels and a slew of attachments, they didn’t give you anywhere to put them. The tool holder on this particular model is non-existent and not very well thought out.

The vacuum itself is large enough to accommodate at least a few tools onboard, so we’re not really sure why they didn’t come up with a few clips or some type of system. It’s not something that should make you shy away from this one, but it is definitely a negative if you use those attachments frequently.

We also want to mention the price. We can’t slap the affordable tag on this one although we do feel it’s worth the money. It may be overkill if you’re looking for something budget-friendly for your home and don’t need a detachable leaf blower.


There are a few slight negatives with the Shop-Vac 9633400, but overall we feel the pros far outweigh the cons.

No shop vacuum is quiet, but we felt this one is a little more discreet than others as it doesn’t quite have the same “roar” despite being 6.5 HP. The accessories are a nice touch as well, and nobody is going to fuss about the long 18-foot power cord.

We also appreciate the warranty, even if shop vacuums don’t have many moving parts. Those powerful motors can go out due to defects or being overworked, so it’s nice to know you’ll be covered for four full years with on the 9633400.

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