Grizzly G0555 Review

Grizzly Industrial G0555 - The Classic 14' Bandsaw

Grizzly G0555 Review

Grizzly may not have the name recognition of a Delta, but they have gained plenty of new fans over the past few years. That’s due to their affordable price points and quality bandsaws like the G0555.

Our Grizzly G0555 review covers everything from the build quality to what’s included and will help you decide if this is the right saw for you. Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look some of the more important specifications for this machine. PS: Grizzly G0555 was also featured in our best band saw guide as one of the top picks.

Quick Specs

  • Cutting capacity/throat: 13-1/2″
  • Maximum cutting height: 6”
  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase
  • Blade Speed: 1500 & 3200 FPM
  • Blade size: 92-1/2″ to 93-1/2″ (1/8″ to 3/4″ wide)
  • Table Size: 14” x 14”
  • Table tilt: 45 deg. right, 15 deg. Left
  • Overall Size: 26 3/8” x 66 1/2” x 30 1/4”
  • Weight: 199 lbs.

Who is the Grizzly G0555 for?

While far from gigantic, this saw is geared towards professionals that need a larger machine to handle their needs. At 14”, it can handle thicker stock than a tabletop model which makes it ideal for rips as well as intricate cuts.

The motor and overall size of the stock it can handle still keeps it from being a true “Pro” model although it’s a large step up from saws used for hobbies. It’s powerful enough to handle cross-cuts, curves or even veneers with the right blade.

The Grizzly G0555 is not exactly what we would consider cheap, but still cheaper than other 14” bandsaws in this class. In other words, it’s a deal and provides you with plenty of bang for your buck.

Build Quality

Bandsaws this size generally aren’t fragile, and that’s the case with the Grizzly G0555. It has a robust frame made of cast iron which partially adds to the weight.

The cast iron table is precision ground and adds to the heft as well. Unfortunately, the wheels are aluminum although they are cast and balanced by a computer.

A big saw needs a sturdy, stable surface to sit on. The G0555 has one, and while it isn’t cast, it’s made from durable heavy gauge steel with an open design.

You may need help moving it if you decide to redecorate, but rest assured it’s not going to hop around the shop. Needless to say, this machine can handle heavy stock with ease.


If you have the right blade equipped, the Grizzly G0555 will run like a champ. It’s a real workhorse of a machine and is proficient on wood, metal and various other materials as long as you have the right blade.

Setting up the saw is relatively easy as well. If this is your first time, setting the tension may be difficult, but aside from that, it’s simple to get running straight out of the box. We also found this bandsaw to be somewhat quieter than other 14” machines, which is a major plus if you’ll use this one at home.


Grizzly Industrial G0555 - The Classic 14' Bandsaw

When it comes to features, all the standard ones are included so you’ll get a 4” dust port to keep things tidy and there’s a quick-release lever for the blade. Both the upper and lower blade guides use ball bearings and need to be adjusted manually.

The cast iron table is a bonus on this saw, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact it tilts. The 14” x 14” table can go 45 to the right or 15 to the left for angled cuts. We also like the fact rubber tires come on the wheels.

Ease of use

Bandsaws are one of the easier tools to use in a woodshop, especially if you’re not attempting to do curvy work. While it’s nice to have a machine that is easy to operate, there is something to be said for ease of use.

The aforementioned quick-release blade tension lever will save you lots of time. It’s honestly something that should be standard on every bandsaw. The dust port is also an easy way to keep your work area clean which in turn results in better performance.

What’s Included

Bandsaws usually don’t come with too many extras, but you will get a few with this one.

As you’d expect, a fence is included along with a miter gauge. The fence is actually nicer than we expected and made from extruded aluminum with a magnifying window. The machine also comes with a 3/8” blade although you may want to swap it out so check out our guide to the best bandsaw blades.

Any downsides?

No tool or product is perfect, which is one reason we see variants of fan favorites and new models each year. As with any bandsaw, there are a few negatives we feel we should point out on the Grizzly G0555.

While not a huge gripe, we were surprised there was no work light on this model. Given the price and the fact they are found on cheap table bandsaws, it’s something you come to expect. The 4” dust collection port is a nice feature, but mediocre compared to other models.


You don’t have to look hard to find positive Grizzly G0555 reviews, and we are going to add ours to the mix as the positives far outweigh the negatives on this model.

Overall, we feel like this bandsaw is a fine option for anyone that wants to try their hand at woodworking. That includes hobbyists that want something stronger than a tabletop model as well as consumers that do remodeling or DIY projects.

As for the professionals, it’s a mixed bag as it comes down to the size of stock you need to cut and resaw capacity in some cases. If you do need more resaw capacity, Grizzly’s riser block kit is a nice inexpensive alternative that will extend the range of your saw.

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