A Guide To Saws

A Guide To Saws

When it comes to saws, everyone knows about the traditional hand saw that you can be used for many different projects, but there’s actually several types of saws.

You’ll probably find yourself using each of these at some point if you continue to pursue woodworking as a hobby.

These saws differ when it comes to various factors such as power and size and each of them is useful for some projects but not that useful for others.

You’ve got the table saw, which is one of the most powerful drills out there and you would usually use it to work on a large piece of wood.

It’s a reliable tool because you can just don’t need to actually control the drill yourself. You just set it running and then feed the wood into it where it lies.

There’s also jigsaws and reciprocating saws which serve quite a similar function. You use these for much smaller cuts.

If you wanted to cut a semicircle out of the edge of a board for example, a jigsaw would be the right tool for achieving that.

Chainsaws are another thing that you might find yourself using for one of your projects. Particularly if you find yourself with massive chunks of wood.

These are extremely powerful drills too and are mainly used for cutting down trees. Circular saws and miter saws are other useful devices.

As one of the names suggests, these come with round blades and they tend to be handheld. They’re a bit similar to the table saws but used on smaller pieces of wood.

There’s a lot of important things to think about when you’re choosing the right drills, here’s some more information that you can have a look at: