A Guide To Drills

I cannot even begin to stress how important a drill is for woodworking. It might very well be the most important tool for the hobby.

There’s a couple of different kinds of drills and a few that serve different purposes, but your the most part you need them to put things together.

Things like tables, chairs, outdoor decking, anything like that requires a huge amount of drilling holes and drilling screws in.

And even if your making something small such as a birdhouse or a single shelf, you’re still going to need a drill for parts of those projects.

The most common type of drill used these days is the simple cordless drill. It’s battery operated and easy to use and carry around with you.

You can also get corded drills of course. Generally they’re bigger and more powerful than the cordless ones and you also don’t have to worry about recharging the battery.

Recharging the battery of a cordless drill can be a bit of a hindrance because it generally takes several hours and it often requires a small apparatus to be set up.

There’s also something known as a drill press. This is a larger drill that’s held in a rotating spindle and is usually clamped onto a workbench or a table.

It’s mainly for more advanced projects so you won’t need to worry about it as a beginner, but as you get more into the hobby, the more you need to think about investing in one of these.

You can check out some more information about the various different kinds of drills here: