2. Magic? No, It’s  Woodworking!

wine stand

No, you’re not seeing hallucinations! Yes, it’s one single piece of wood holding a wine bottle sturdily! Magic? Nope, it’s pure gravity and fine woodworking. This project has caused some serious fuzz all over the world as it looks simply too cool to be true. The best part is that anyone can make this at home pretty easily and stun their guests with this wine display.

The secret lies in the angle of the bottom – if cut in a specific angle the weight of the wine bottle will distribute evenly and the two will balance each other without neither of them falling over. Well, Newton would be impressed by this wooden wine rack!

3. Breakfast Is Served

wooden serving table

Surprise your sweetheart by serving breakfast in bed with a wooden serving tray made by you. Not only does it look lovely, it’s very simple to make as it doesn’t require any carving – just a bit of cutting and polishing. Even better, making your own tray is far cheaper than buying one – so if you are living on a budget, this is a nice idea to go for!

There are endless ways of creating a wooden tray but the simplest is to add a couple of wooden pieces to the sides where you can attach the handles. The handles can be found from any supply store and shouldn’t cost more than a couple of bucks. Just attach the handles with wood screws to the bottom and that’s it!

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